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Modernize Legacy IT Systems

Overcome digital transformation roadblocks with Camunda process automation software.

Legacy Technology Is Holding You Back

Organizations face many roadblocks to digital transformation: monolithic business applications, heavyweight BPM suites, unscalable homegrown software, brittle RPA bots, inflexible development practices, tedious manual work, and outdated infrastructure. These roadblocks prevent you from implementing the processes you need to become more competitive, conduct business more efficiently, reduce cost, increase revenue, and transform into a true digital business.

Traditional BPMS Limit Business Agility

Traditional business process management suites (BPMS) have closed architectures and take a proprietary approach to application development and process automation. These factors limit business agility by making it difficult and expensive to roll out new or updated processes in response to customer feedback, your competitors’ offerings, developments in your market, and changing regulatory requirements. Camunda is a developer-friendly alternative with a flexible architecture that’s built on open standards.

Monolithic Applications Slow Teams Down

Monolithic business applications are often hard for a single development team to understand, which means making a simple change or implementing a new feature requires cross-team coordination and extensive integration testing. Dependencies slow teams down because they have to rely on other teams’ schedules for development, testing, and deployment to production. Camunda can help you transition from monoliths to microservices by supporting end-to-end process orchestration across all applications and services.

Homegrown Workflow Software Doesn’t Scale

Homegrown workflow automation software is often how organizations start to automate well-defined, repeatable processes. While this approach can be appealing because it allows developers to tailor automated processes to the organization’s unique business requirements, it has many drawbacks that become apparent as process volume increases and workflows become more complex. Camunda can replace homegrown software with a flexible, high-performance process automation solution that helps you continuously improve.

RPA Poses Maintenance Challenges

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a tactical solution to automate repetitive, individual tasks that traditionally have been paper-based or have required manual input. However, most organizations encounter maintenance issues as the number of RPA bots grows and teams take on increasingly complex automation projects. Camunda provides a lifecycle approach to designing, orchestrating, analyzing and monitoring RPA bots, plus an architectural path that replaces bots with APIs or microservices in the future.


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Modernize Legacy IT Systems with Camunda

Camunda offers the power and flexibility you need to become an agile digital business, whether you’re struggling with a traditional BPMS, monolithic business applications, homegrown workflow technology, or a growing number of RPA bots.


  • Collaborate across business and IT to create process diagrams and decision tables using the globally recognized BPMN and DMN standards
  • Streamline automation efforts by building a catalog of reusable process templates
  • Meet changing business needs by updating processes without disrupting the customer experience


  • Drastically increase process performance with a cloud-native workflow engine that’s designed for speed, scale, and resilience
  • Gradually migrate from monoliths to microservices with end-to-end process orchestration across all applications and services
  • Extend process orchestration to RPA tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and Robot Framework


  • Monitor all process automation activity in one place, no matter where processes are being executed
  • Provide business and IT stakeholders with customizable reports, dashboards, and alerts
  • Get operational visibility into RPA bot activity and use RPA analytics to identify bottlenecks and improve processes

Transforming Legacy Architecture to Boost Agility, Transparency and Scalability at Vodafone

Vodafone Germany’s OTELO and Branded Reseller Businesses transformed from multiple monoliths to a cloud-based infrastructure orchestrated with Camunda — creating an omnichannel layer to orchestrate the end-to-end customer journey, greatly improving the customer experience, all while continuing to ship product increments.

Growing Beyond a Homegrown Workflow System at Fidelity

At Fidelity Investments, 30,000 users relied on 10,000+ workflows implemented in a fragile, monolithic system that was originally developed in the 1990s. To help development teams move faster, implement workflow governance, and achieve alignment between business units, Fidelity has developed a modern digital automation platform that’s powered by Camunda.

Slicing up a Monolith and Orchestrating 3000+ RPA Bots at Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom IT migrated from a monolithic process automation system and waterfall development practices to a microservice-based system based on BPMN, speeding up time-to-market and ensuring teams and processes stay compliant with data security requirements. Deutsche Telekom also uses Camunda to orchestrate one of the largest RPA implementations in Europe, saving millions of euros per year.

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