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After launching our open source platform Camunda BPM on 18th March, we gave it a proper welcoming to the BPM community last week. 55 people showed up to the launch party held at Camunda HQ, which coincided with our 5th birthday.

It was a great night, during which the hard-working team around Camunda BPM had the chance to demonstrate some of the platform’s great features and advantages followed by good discussions with the guests afterwards.

But not only that, our foosball table, Wii and a fridge filled to the brim with beer made sure that the hard work also paid off with some well-deserved fun.
Take a look at some pictures we took on the night and make sure to sign up here for one of our future community events.

Bernd Rücker presenting
presentation audience
presentation slide showing the team members
people mingling
playing wii

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