camunda Modeler 2.3.0 released: Custom Tasks, Form Fields and better Subprocess Modeling

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We are happy to announce the new release of the camunda Modeler. This version adds the ability to extend the modeler with custom tasks. Furthermore it adds editing support for form fields that were recently re-introduced into the camunda BPM platform. Last but not least, it improves the handling of subprocesses.

Custom Task Plugins

Custom task plugins give you the ability to contribute self-made tasks to the camunda modeler.

custom task
A custom task is a task that may be reused across all of your diagrams. It can ship with a predefined configuration, can have a customized look and feel and integrates into the palette as well as the properties panel.

Check out our custom task example that show cases what is possible with custom tasks. Head over to the how to section if you want to build your own custom tasks right away.

Form Field Editing

You are now able to edit form fields for via the property panel.

Subprocess Improvements

For everyone modeling subprocesses out there, there is good news. You may now safely expand and collapse subprocesses. Internal layout of children will be retained. Import and export, work, too.

collapse subprocess

We fixed a number of bugs, too, including the sudden popup of error markers on BPMN 2.0 diagrams.
Checkout the complete list of issues solved in this release. And of course, try out the new modeler and tell us what you thing via our forums or on twitter.

Thanks go to Christian, Daniel and Michael for getting this Release through QA.

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