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You are using Confluence? We as community members developed two plugins which allows you to use bpmn-js/dmn-js as full-featured modeling tool within your wiki for BPMN/DMN. Both are available on the on the Atlassian marketplace for free.

Video demonstrating the use of bpmn-ja as a full-featured modeling tool in BPMN Modeler for Confluence

Create BPMN process models in Confluence

You can embed the BPMN macro on any page at any position. This way, you can bring together diagrams and textual information, e.g. to enrich your process model by context information such as the corresponding process owner or referenced documents.

Embed BPMN diagrams or DMN decision tables on Confluence pages

You can start modeling from scratch or import existing BPMN files. All models are stored as attachments on the page at hand. If you edit a process model, a new version of the attachment is created.

When reading a Confluence page, process models are rendered directly on the page. The “viewer” also offers you a fullscreen mode which is handy for presentations or zooming into large models.

Process models are rendered directly on the page

When you enter the editing mode, you have access to all the features bpmn.io provides you to make modeling your process models as comfortable as possible.

BPMN Modeler: create and edit your process models directly in Confluence

You can export your process models as XML and SVG files.

Permissions set on a page are inherited to the process diagrams, e.g. editing is only possible if you have the permissions to do so.

# Create DMN decision tables in Confluence

The same set of features is also available for DMN decision tables.

Video demonstrating the use of dmn-js to create DMN decision tables in DMN Modeler for Confluence

# Get started
Both plugins are available on the [Atlassian marketplace](https://marketplace.atlassian.com/vendors/1213394) for free. Give it a try!

* **BPMN-Modeler**: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/de.viadee.confluence.bpmn-plugin/server/overview
* **DMN-Modeler**: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/de.viadee.confluence.dmn-plugin/server/overview

Viadee is currently working on extending features that will make the plugins even more handsome to work with in software development projects. If you have any ideas or feature requests be sure to [get in touch](https://www.viadee.de/bpmn-modeler/).

# Credits
These plugins have been developed by us as employees of [viadee Unternehmensberatung GmbH](https://www.viadee.de), a German IT consulting company located in Cologne and Münster, who support their customers in Camunda and software development projects. 

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