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Last Thursday, for our annual Community Day, we hosted our first user feedback session for Camunda Cockpit.

If you attended and even better joined the conversation and provided your feedback — thank you! We truly appreciated your input and are committed to base the future evolution of Cockpit on it.

Cockpit feedback session in full swing

However, we don’t want this to be a one-off event, we want to continuously get your feedback and keep the conversation going.

To do just that, we have set up a user feedback forum here: Camunda on UserEcho.

Screenshot of https://camundabpm.userecho.com

This forum is predominantly aimed at gathering issues, concerns, and feature requests that will help us better understand what you, as our users do with Cockpit and what exactly you need.

If you want to leave feedback for our other applications Admin, Tasklist or Camunda Optimize, we would for now kindly ask you to use the Camunda Platform forum to make our lives a bit easier, but we will do our best to direct feedback for our other applications to the right people too.

Depending on the amount of feedback we receive, we can’t guarantee a reply to each post in detail but we promise to read everything you send our way and consider your feedback while we keep working on improving Camunda Cockpit.

So whenever you come across something in Cockpit that bugs you, that you have an issue with, that seems unclear or unnecessarily complex to do, or you have a feature request that would really make your life easier, please share your concerns with us here: Camunda on UserEcho

Praise is welcome too 😉 but most of all we value your honest feedback – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

p.s. For those who attended Community Day 2017, we added all the feedback you left for us during the session to the forum at UserEcho as well. If you want to further discuss your issue, go there, find it and add your comments especially in case we didn’t find the time for your specific feedback during the session!

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