Announcing Zeebe 0.9.0: Horizontal Scalability, Configurable Replication Factor, Rework of Topic Creation, and More

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  • Announcing Zeebe 0.9.0: Horizontal Scalability, Configurable Replication Factor, Rework of Topic Creation, and More

The Zeebe team is pleased to announce the Zeebe 0.9.0 release. In this post, we’ll provide a brief overview of release highlights along with resources to help you get started.

Here’s Why It Matters

Zeebe 0.9.0 introduced the ability to set a replication factor when creating a topic and therefore to scale Zeebe on a cluster of machines.

Prior to introducing the replication factor, every broker would replicate every partition, so adding more brokers would not allow you to scale throughput–all data was on all machines.

This is a significant milestone for Zeebe’s performance and scalability, and the results from early testing are promising:

Zeebe Horizontal Scalability Testing

Here’s What You Can Do With It

You can scale Zeebe on a cluster of machines via the number of Partitions for a topic and ensure that a topic is available to serve data even if the leader broker is down by setting the ReplicationFactor > 1.

If you’d like to get hands-on, try creating a topic and setting the number of Partitions and the ReplicationFactor yourself. The Zeebe quickstart provides an example of how to create a topic using zbctl, the Zeebe command line interface:

$ ./bin/zbctl create topic quickstart
  "Name": "quickstart",
  "State": "CREATING",
  "Partitions": 1,
  "ReplicationFactor": 1

Here Are More Features Included In The Release

  • Rework topic creation and deployments
  • Fully documented configuration file with human readable byte/duration units
  • Configuration parameter to specify bootstrap replication factor
  • Java client can be configured using a POJO
  • Rework of the filesystem data directory structure
  • Ability to start broker from outside of bin folder
  • Improved user documentation

If you’d like more detail, you can take a look at the changelog:

Get Started With Zeebe

Ready to get started? The following links will help you get going with Zeebe.

If you’d like to stay on top of what’s new with Zeebe, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter.

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