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Camunda BPM 7.10.0-alpha4 is here and the highlights are:

  • Extending the BPMN Viewer in Cockpit
  • Support for Java 9 / 10 & 11
  • 18 Bug Fixes

You can Download Camunda for free (click on Preview Release) or Run it with Docker.

If you are interested, you can see the complete release notes
and the list of known issues.

If you want to dig in deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub.

Extending the BPMN Viewer in Cockpit

BPMN diagrams in Cockpit are rendered and displayed by the bpmn.js toolkit. Bpmn.js
can be extended with additional modules as well as so called moddle extensions.

An additional module refers to the extension of the feature set, whereas a moddle extension makes it possible to add custom
attributes and elements to the BPMN 2.0 model.

Starting with this release, it is possible to use the extension mechanism of bpmn.js through Camunda Cockpit to customize
the default behavior of the BPMN viewer.

To extend the BPMN Viewer, the file app/cockpit/scripts/config.js needs to be adjusted as follows:

var camCockpitConf = {
  bpmnJs: {
    additionalModules: {
      // a JavaScript file, which represents a module
      myCustomModule: 'my-custom-module/module'
    moddleExtensions: {
      // a JSON file, which represents a moddle extension
      myCustomModdleExtension: 'my-custom-moddle/moddle'

For further information, please see the documentation of Cockpit
and bpmn.js.

Support for Java 9 / 10 & 11

Camunda BPM is now on the cutting-edge of Java since this release brings support for Java 9 & 10 as well as for Java 11
– which has been released just a few days ago.

What’s Next?

The next alpha version is scheduled for the end of October and our team is already working on it.

The minor release of Camunda BPM 7.10 is coming this fall (November 30, 2018).

You can find out more details if you check out our roadmap.

Your Feedback Matters!

With every release we constantly strive to improve Camunda BPM. To make this possible, we are reliant on your feedback. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with us.

You can contact us by writing a post in the forum.

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