We’re excited to announce that Camunda will be participating in Hacktoberfest this October! Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of all things open source, created by DigitalOcean and 2020 will be their 7th year running this amazing event. Last year saw more than 60,000 challenge completions with a total of 482,182 pull requests opened, and this year should prove to be even larger.

This is Camunda’s first year participating in Hacktoberfest and we’re looking forward to being a part of an event that promotes involvement in, and contribution to, open source projects. Open source aligns to many of the ideals that Camunda stands for, including open communication, collaboration, transparency, and community-oriented development. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert coder, we encourage you to participate in Hacktoberfest this coming October. 

The Swag

Complete the challenge to earn this limited edition Camunda x Hacktoberfest 2020 t-shirt and these nifty stickers!

How To Participate

Eager to get your hands on that awesome t-shirt? Getting started is easy! First, find an issue with the hacktoberfest label you’d like to contribute to. You can do this by searching hacktoberfest within our repositories.

Submit the pull request. Then find just one more issue you’d like to tackle. Once you have submitted two pull requests let us know you’ve completed the challenge by filling out the form on our official Hacktoberfest page. We will review your pull requests and, if they are all valid, we will send you an email asking for your information in order to send you your sweet sweet swag!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All the issues labeled hacktoberfest will also have an easy/medium/hard label indicating how much expertise and/or time is necessary to complete the pull request.  
  • You are not alone! This is a community event and we have an awesome community on our forums. If you get stuck on an issue or have any questions, post about it on the forum!
  • Don’t forget to register for Hacktoberfest here
    • It is not necessary to register to earn the Camunda t-shirt but it is necessary if you also want to earn the DigitalOcean prize. 
  • For the full set of rules, see here

While You Wait

October 1st is a month away but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in the meantime. Here are some things you can do while you wait for Hacktoberfest to start:

See You Online in October!

Our community remains our best source of inspiration for updates, features, and new functionalities. You all are an endless wealth of knowledge and creativity and we can’t wait to see what you contribute during Hacktoberfest 2020! 

  • Democratizing Education with Process Automation

    How did Fundacred, a non-profit organization democratizing access to education throughout Brazil, evolve quickly to meet the needs of students during the COVID 19 crisis and beyond? For more than 40 years Fundacred has been committed to developing Brazil’s education at all levels of learning, through management and self-financing platforms that enable students to access loans to help them through their studies. Processing loan applications quickly and accurately is critical to both customer experience and business efficiency, but the legacy tech stack at the 45 year old not-for-profit didn’t keep pace with its evolving needs. Samuel Domingues, IT Manager – Information Technology, and his team saw that they needed to create a clear and mapped system of business process and...

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  • Traceable Test Coverage for all process stakeholders

    Dominik Horn is Co-Founder of FlowSquad — specialists in process automation and individual software development. You may know Dominik through his COVID-19 pandemic work, where FlowSquad teamed up with RemedyMatch, to implement Camunda as the backend of its logistics solution, quickly and accurately matching thousands of protective items with the people who need them each day. In this guest post, Dominik explains why FlowSquad has developed a platform that ensures traceability for all stakeholders and seamless integration into your CI/CD infrastructure: In software development, test coverage is an essential indicator of the quality of an application. Only through comprehensive and systematic testing can errors be detected and fixed early on. For this reason, there are numerous test libraries for almost...

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  • Publishing “Practical Process Automation”

    A Book about Orchestration and Integration in Microservices and Cloud-Native Architectures In today’s IT architectures, microservices and serverless functions play an increasingly important role. But how can you create meaningful, comprehensive, and connected business solutions if the individual components are decoupled and independent by design? How does this all affect business processes and process automation? I’ve been thinking about this question for a long time now, and I discussed it with many customers in real-life scenarios. This resulted in many blog posts, conference talks and articles. This again led to countless discussions, that showed one thing clearly: We need guidance. Today I am thrilled to announce that I’ve condensed my experience (and of course the whole Camunda team’s to some extent) in...

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