Podcast: ​​Introducing the BPMN-Driven Testing Extension

The latest episode of the Camunda Nation podcast is now live, featuring Rin Oliver, technical community builder, as our newly added co-host and Gabor Claussnitzer, a full-stack developer and consultant at cimt ag, as our guest. Listen as Gabor explains why the BPMN-driven testing extension was created as an answer to some developer woes.

In this episode you’ll learn how the BPMN-driven testing extension: 

  • Makes tests more standardized and effective so you can focus on the business logic
  • Gets all the information to run a test case from the BPMN model itself
  • Has a fluid API to customize and instrument the test execution
  • Can be included in any JUnit test as a test rule

We want your feedback! Please check out the BPMN-driven testing extension and let us know what you think. For more on all things Camunda, you can find previous Camunda Nation podcast episodes on various channels including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

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