A New Domain Name for Camunda Artifactory

Make sure to switch to the new domain between April 1 - Sept. 30, 2022, before the old URLs will be shut down. 
New domain name for Camunda Artifactory
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  • A New Domain Name for Camunda Artifactory

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*Camunda Platform 8, our cloud-native solution for process orchestration, launched in April 2022. Images and supporting documentation in this post may reflect an earlier version of our cloud and software solutions.

We’ve officially started using Artifactory, the universal repository manager by JFrog, as a tool to replace Nexus for storing maven artifacts and distributing them to Camunda users and team members. 

Camunda Platform 7 users and team members will need to switch to the new domain between April 1 – Sept. 30, 2022. After that, the old URLs will be shut down. The domain name is changing, but there will be no technical changes.

When we first set up Artifactory, we started using the default URL that JFrog offers along with the proxy URL, which was leftover from Nexus. 

You can now use the new domain name for Artifactory instead of:

  • https://camunda.jfrog.io
  • https://app.camunda.com/nexus 

The new domain will also be used for all of our upcoming product releases moving forward.

What You Will Need to Do


If you’re using https://camunda.jfrog.io, you must simply move the main URL from https://camunda.jfrog.io to https://artifacts.camunda.com

E.g: https://camunda.jfrog.io/artifactory/camunda-bpm → https://artifacts.camunda.com/artifactory/camunda-bpm.

Proxy URL

If you’re using https://app.camunda.com/nexus, you’ll have to do more than update the main URL. Unlike Nexus, in Artifactory, there is no resource type specification in the URL. So any resource like /repository/x, /group/x, and /proxy/x will simply become /artifactory/x. 


Note: We always recommend using the backslash (/) at the end of the URL.

Why We Are Doing This

The main drivers behind the domain name change were to: 

  • Brand our tools for clearer recognition with our users. Having artifacts.camunda.com as the official URL makes it more apparent that the tool is under the Camunda umbrella. 
  • Maintain consistency with our other tools.
  • Be more independent of JFrog.
  • Avoid using a costly proxy for app.camunda.com/nexus compatibility. In the past, we had the Nexus running at app.camunda.com/nexus, and for everyone still using the old URL, we created this proxy that redirected them to the new implementation. This is a costly and unnecessary layer that we want to eliminate. 

Just In Case

We’ve already tested the new URL and made sure there are no issues with this change. However, if you encounter any problems, please let us know. 

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