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Camunda Summit Tips

4 Tips for Making the Most of Camunda Community Summit

Months of planning and organization brings us finally to Camunda Community Summit 2022, three days where the global Camunda community comes together in an immersive, collaborative environment to take part in deep-dive technical presentations, live coding demonstrations, and learn the latest advances in process automation. 

#CamundaSummit is the best time to experience the collective creative and technical talent that makes up our community. Adding to our anticipation is our recently released Camunda Platform 8, which makes the promise of universal process orchestration at scale a reality. And this week’s Summit features the most varied and engaging agenda to date, with opening day featuring hands-on interactive workshops, day two setting up the return of our Camunda Community Unconference, where conference attendees selected the 12 sessions that are featured, and wrapping up our third and last day with two-dozen expert-led sessions.

So here are my tried-and-true recommendations for making the most of Camunda Community Summit.

1. Get reacquainted with the Camunda Conferences Slack channel 

Networking with Summit attendees is made easy through our Camunda Conferences Slack channel. If you’ve attended Summit or CamundaCon in the past, chances are you’re already a member of this Slack channel. Either way, take time to log into Camunda Conferences on Slack and say hello. Slack is also where you’ll have the opportunity to get technical help during the conference, pose questions to speakers, and more. 

2. Allow yourself to be free of distractions

You’re a part of this global Camunda community, and opportunities to learn from each other are too rare. Invest the time to engage in the Summit experience and get the most from the learning and development opportunities it presents. 

3. Set your personal Summit agenda

Both our Unconference and expert-led session agendas are packed with side-by-side sessions, and our schedule is built so you can readily navigate across tracks. You’ll get the most out of your time if you take note of your priority sessions in advance and mark them in your calendar. 

Some examples:

If you’re wanting to learn about microservices orchestration, don’t miss:

  • Camunda Platform as Orchestrator of Microservices at Unconference
  • Creditas: Orchestrating Hundreds of Microservices with Camunda

Ready to deep dive into Camunda Platform 8? We recommend:

  • The Universal Process Orchestrator – What’s Here and What is Coming
  • Goldman Sachs’ Enabling Technically Challenging Business Use Cases Using Camunda Platform and Camunda Cloud at Scale
  • Using Camunda in Unique Ways
  • Building a Workflow Engine Based on Stream Processing
  • Camunda Platform 8 Release Webinar

Pro tip: expert-led sessions on day three will be recorded, so if two sessions that capture your interest are offered at the same time, you’ll have a chance to watch it later on.

4. Stick around!

We’ve booked a DJ for our post-Unconference networking session on Wednesday, April 27. We have some fun games lined up, so be sure to stay tuned.

We look forward to seeing you at #CamundaSummit this week; feel free to ask any questions in the Slack channel if we may be of assistance!

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