Cheers to Our Newest Camunda Champions Cohort

Please join us in welcoming our latest batch of Camunda Champions! Check out which community members will participate in our third cohort.
Camunda Champions third cohort
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At Camunda, we’re extremely lucky to have a highly dedicated and invested community, and it’s no secret that this is integral to our success. We genuinely value each and every community member, but there are some individuals who always go above and beyond to help others — sharing knowledge and expertise, and making our community an even more welcoming and inclusive space.

To acknowledge, amplify, and reward the work of our most vocal community members, we created the Camunda Champion Program. Our vision for this program is to make interacting in our community a more valuable and meaningful experience for everyone by enabling our Champions to share knowledge and help others more easily.

Even though this is our third time selecting Camunda Champions, making the decision didn’t get any easier. We received applications from exceptional Camunda community members from various industries and countries around the world. Thank you to everyone who applied, and we hope that you’ll apply to the program again in the future if you haven’t been selected yet.

Meet our brand new Champions 

We’re thrilled to introduce our third cohort of Camunda Champions: Asko Soukka, Maximilian Kamenicky, Tales Paiva, Victor Franca, Younes Akhouayri, and Zhi Li. These individuals have made an impact by continuously demonstrating product expertise while actively supporting and contributing to developer communities.

 Check out our current Champions and see what some of our brand new Champions have to say:

“The affirmation of the preliminary work is also the encouragement of the follow-up work.”

– Zhi Li, China, Xinhua Zhiyun Technology Co., Ltd

“Being able to network with like-minded community and open source professionals, to learn and share more.”

– Asko Soukka, Finland, University of Jyväskylä

“It is a unique opportunity to disseminate to new members of the community all the knowledge received over these years.”

– Tales Paiva, Brazil, OWSE/UFRJ

We welcome you to join us in congratulating our Champions as they begin their one-year term while continuing their incredible work.

Some of the exciting benefits Camunda Champions enjoy include:

  •  An invitation to our exclusive Camunda Champion Summit
  • Access to Camunda experts and fellow Champions
  • Educational resources
  • Exclusive Camunda badges and special swag 

Interested in becoming a Camunda Champion? 

We want to hear from you! Find out more about the program and apply to be a Champion. The next cohort of Champions will start in fall 2022. The Camunda Champion Program team will review all applications and notify you by email whether you’ve been accepted.

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