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How is Camunda Platform 8 Professional Helping Companies Accelerate their Projects?

We've spoken with our early adopters, who shared with us what they like about the pay-as-you-go model and powerful features of our Professional offering.
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  • How is Camunda Platform 8 Professional Helping Companies Accelerate their Projects?

In September last year, we updated the pricing for Camunda Platform 8 SaaS – Professional, making it more affordable for any project size, with plans starting at $49/month.

Since then, we have learned from speaking with many of our early adopters on how the Professional plan is helping them to accelerate their process orchestration projects.

Why are companies using Camunda Platform 8 Professional?

In conversations with our users, there have been a few recurring reasons shared why they’ve chosen our Professional plan over more traditional offerings:

  • Pay-as-you-go model: Easy to start at $49/month with monthly payments via credit card and easy payment for additional usage.
  • Development-friendly features: Users can leverage the available development clusters for $5/day (circa $150/month), providing them with a separate environment for unlimited testing. Designed for development and heavy testing, these clusters are an add-on available only in the Professional plan with no usage limits or overages for Process and Decision instances.
  • SaaS delivery and Enterprise-like features: Users love focusing on their processes rather than hosting and hardware, and having access to the same SSO options and deployment regions that we provide to our Enterprise Customers.

What is included in the Professional plan?

Our Professional offering aims to allow teams to start their process orchestration projects faster at $49/month and to scale their use with our usage-based pricing model.

All Professional plans start with a base of one production cluster, 10 general users, 50 process instances and 50 decision instances. It’s easy to scale up or down as your demands change, whether you want to add production clusters, development clusters, users, instances or anything else you need to meet your process orchestration goals.

A graphic showing what is included with the base fee of the Professional Edition, including one production cluster, 10 general users, 50 process instances and 50 decision instances. It shows how you can also increase Task Users for $15/mo, add Production Clusters for $23/reservation day, and Development Clusters for $5/reservation day

How have we seen companies using Professional?

Here are a few examples of how companies are using Camunda Platform 8 SaaS Professional today:

  • Automate Low-Volume Processes: Looking to start automating a low-volume process at a budget? Camunda Platform 8 Professional starts at $49/month, and lets you pay for only what you need.
  • Develop & test before signing an Enterprise agreement: Start your automation projects right away with the full Camunda Platform using the development clusters before signing the Enterprise agreement.
  • Evaluate Camunda SaaS / Build POCs: Lead architects are working with their teams to evaluate Camunda 8 SaaS by building PoCs and demos to showcase Camunda.

Real Use Cases in Production

Among the hundreds of projects being developed with Camunda every month, we saw a few interesting use cases that leveraged Professional.

One Fortune 500 company is using Professional to build an approval engine for their internal CRM. They are now processing 900 approvals a year while utilizing SSO.

A real estate company used Professional to test out the value of Camunda Platform 8 before upgrading to a full Enterprise Edition. They were able to get to a soft go-live in three months and a full go-live in six months, quickly validating the use case for themselves before upgrading.

Getting Started with Camunda Platform 8 Professional

Sign up for Camunda Platform 8 SaaS – Professional today and get started with a free trial! We highly recommend you add a dev cluster to your plan to test your automation faster. You can also check out our pricing page for an interactive calculator.

Already have a trial? Upgrade to Professional today

If you already have a trial and want to continue with the capabilities of Professional, you can ensure a smooth transition by upgrading today.

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