Measuring and Communicating the Value of Process Orchestration

Conveying the business value of process orchestration is critical to ensuring it will be properly understood and adopted.
how to measure and communicate the value of process orchestration webinar
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While most IT decision makers believe that process automation is key to digital transformation, many Automation Centers of Excellence (CoEs), software developers, and process owners face challenges when they try to convey the value of their process automation and orchestration initiatives to business stakeholders in their organization.

While these teams typically track important metrics about process development and performance—for example, mean lead time for changes, deployment frequency, process instance throughput, and so on—they often struggle to identify metrics that measure business value. This is a key element that must be tackled along an organization’s path to process orchestration maturity.

Measuring and communicating the business value of process orchestration is important because ultimately, technology serves the business. How the business views technology and makes decisions about it is critical to ensuring its value is understood and the technology is optimally adopted.

Hurdles to Measuring Business Value

There are many methods for analyzing and measuring business value: value stream analysis, business process reengineering, lean management, Six Sigma, and more. In theory, these methods ensure that every process in the business creates value for the customer. In practice, organizations regularly face hurdles, such as a lack of:

  • Customer perspective among the teams that design and implement processes
  • End-to-end understanding of business processes from start to finish
  • Know-how regarding process goals and the KPIs that matter to the business

Learn How to Measure and Communicate Value

To learn how to measure and communicate business value in your organization, join our December 5 webinar, No Process Without Value: How to Measure and Communicate the Value of Process Orchestration. We’re excited to welcome Guido Fischermanns, process management expert and author of Praxishandbuch Prozessmanagement, to discuss:

  • Why it’s critical to measure the business value of process orchestration initiatives
  • Challenges you might face when communicating with the business
  • How to identify the most critical business drivers at your organization
  • Best practices when defining KPIs and measuring success

We’ll also dive into Camunda’s business analytics capabilities with a live demo of Optimize, and share stories of real-world business value achieved through process orchestration.

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