Submit Your Connector Wishes to the Idea Portal

We’re launching the Camunda Connectors Idea Portal, a one-stop shop for you to submit ideas, see what's new, vote on what you like and more.
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Camunda Connectors help teams integrate all types of systems, tools, and devices into their processes. You can find Connectors built by Camunda Engineering, our global network of partners, and our awesome community contributes in Camunda Marketplace.

But there’s always room for more! Business processes—especially those that are complex and core to your business—require many different technologies to run, and we want to know which ones are the most important to you and your process designers. We’re excited to launch the Camunda Connectors Idea Portal as a one-stop shop for you to share your Connectors wishlist.

In the Idea Portal, you can:

  • Submit your ideas for new Connectors or submit ideas for new features and functionality in existing Connectors
  • Check out the Connectors that Camunda Engineering, partners, and community members are currently working on
  • Vote on the Connectors that you’d most like to have
  • Find opportunities to contribute Connectors that people are looking for

If you haven’t checked out Camunda Marketplace yet, be sure to take a look and see what’s already available! Note that Connectors are only supported in Camunda 8, so you’ll need a Camunda SaaS account or Camunda 8 Self-Managed to use them.

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