Innovating with a Camunda Connector Competition

Excited by the potential of Camunda Marketplace, LTIMindtree held a hackathon to generate the best Connector to submit. Here's how they did it.
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At LTIMindtree, a Camunda GSI partner, we were excited about the announcement of Camunda Marketplace. We see the value Camunda enables us to deliver to our clients, and we realized the Marketplace is a perfect place for partners like us to showcase blueprints and Connectors. 

We wanted to take full advantage of the opportunities for us and our clients in the new Marketplace. To encourage innovation and surface Connectors we could submit, we decided to run an internal hackathon competition.

Camunda Connector Coding Challenge for You (4C4U) Hackathon

LTIMindtree ran this competition throughout November and December 2023, and it was open to any interested participants in the company. The competition was intended to take 15 working days from start to finish. Participants applied for the hackathon by creating groups of 2-3 people. Each group was to select one Connector idea and submit its nomination for approval prior to the competition start date. 

Camunda worked with us to run a kick-off call, including providing documentation and videos on creating Connectors, including: 

  • An explanation of the overall architecture
  • How integration works
  • Sample GitHub with starter pack
  • Some tips and tricks for writing a connector
  • A Camunda SaaS sandbox instance

Within the 15 days of the competition, the teams had to build the Connector, complete its documentation, test the results, and create a five-minute demo video. In order to finalize their submission, the team needed to submit the Connector details, including:

  • The source code
  • Build script
  • Test results
  • Documentation
  • Demo video

We had 12 teams registered, of which eight teams eventually participated and submitted Connectors. The final projects were evaluated by LTIMindtree and Camunda experts. The overall quality levels were exceptionally high, and we selected the top three finalists, of which the winner will be submitted to the Camunda Marketplace.

ConnectorFinal Rankings
Sharepoint ConnectorWinner
Text to ImageRunner Up
Zoom MeetingRunner Up


LTIMindtree has been a Camunda partner since January 2023 and a Platinum Partner since March 2023. Our quick and significant investment in reaching this partnership tier reflects the huge market opportunities we see for Camunda’s process orchestration platform. LTIMindtree helps its clients with large, complex digital transformation projects, and we quickly realized how Camunda can help us deliver significant business value across our client’s entire organization. 

Camunda Marketplace provides a great opportunity for us to continually showcase innovation and Camunda capabilities. The Connector hackathon was an excellent way to tap into the creativity and innovation of our LTIMindtree employees, educate them on Camunda, and create a valuable asset for us to showcase in the Marketplace. We’re proud of what we were able to submit and share to a worldwide community of Camunda users.

We really appreciate how the Camunda team supported us at every stage of the event, from inception to orientation and kick-off, evaluation, and finally, providing some wonderful swag for our winners. 

For further information on how LTIMindtree can help your organization derive maximum value from its digital transformation using Camunda’s process orchestration capabilities, contact [email protected]

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