• Camunda BPM on Kubernetes

    Running Camunda BPM on Kubernetes Are you running Kubernetes now? Ready to move your Camunda BPM instances off of VMs, or just try it out on Kubernetes? We will address some common configurations and provide some building blocks you can tailor to your particular needs. Skill level: Intermediate You’ve used Kubernetes before. If not, why not try a tutorial and spin up your first cluster? Authors Alastair Firth is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer on the Camunda Cloud team. Lars Lange is a Devops Engineer at Camunda. TL:DR; git clone https://github.com/camunda-cloud/camunda-examples.git cd camunda-examples/camunda-bpm-demo make skaffold Ok that probably didn’t work unless you have skaffold and kustomize installed. Read on! What is Camunda BPM Camunda BPM is an open source platform...

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