• Camunda BPM Custom Batch 1.3.0

    I’m happy to announce the new version 1.3.0 of the Camunda BPM Custom Batch extension. This extension provides a simple way to use the camunda batch functionality for your own purposes and split huge workloads into small asynchronous jobs. If you are interested in how the extension is working, and how customers use it, take a look at the presentation slides from CamundaCon 2018. So what happened since version 1.0.0? Here is a summary of exclusive and prioritized batch jobs.

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  • Camunda BPM Custom Batch 1.0.0 – New Community Extension

    Have you ever tried to create your own custom batch with Camunda BPM? Well, I did, and it was very time consuming and quite complex. There isn’t really a public API for this purpose. You have to work at the entity level and take care that batch configuration is saved to the ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY database table. That’s why I’ve decided to create the Camunda BPM Custom Batch Extension. The goal of this extension is to provide a simple way of using the Camunda Batch functionality for your own purposes. If you have no clue what Camunda Batch is for, it can be used to split a huge workload (e.g., like reassigning all tasks) into small asynchronous jobs. See the official Camunda...

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