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Camunda Operate:
Intuitive dashboard for real-time process observability and troubleshooting

Gain end-to-end process visibility and keep operations running smoothly from a centralized platform

Struggling to monitor and manage mission-critical business processes?

Camunda Operate gives teams real-time insight into the health of their processes. Users can take informed actions to prevent and resolve issue – without searching through database records.


Observe the operational health of running processes and completed processes in a single place.


Drill down to uncover incidents or use visual cues paired with process models to find where instances are stuck.


Easily troubleshoot issues in real time, before retrying instances and without losing any in-flight or historical data.

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Keep processes running smoothly

See all your processes in one place

Leverage user-friendly views for all your critical processes

Operate pairs process models with real-time execution data you can use to make informed updates and resolutions. Visual cues help you quickly identify and diagnose any incident by viewing attached variables and histories.

Troubleshoot with less trouble

Observe, prevent, and resolve incidents

Operate helps you quickly review and analyze incidents across every process and version. Easily filter by date, error type, flow node, and more to find the issue that is blocking your processes. Use batch processing to resolve errors, cancel or retry thousands of processes at a time. Create email or webhook alerts to automatically notify you of issues so you can perform root-cause analysis. And, when your requirements change, use versioning to manage multiple versions of a process model or simply skip or repeat a step in a process if needed using process instance modification.

Track every change

See the entire history with rich audit trails

Tracking all process-relevant events gives you a clear audit trail for the history of a process state. You can monitor process instances and variables in real time to prevent blockers. Historical process execution details are easy to access using Operate’s REST API or a web-based application.

Adapt without interruption

Migrate running process instances to a new version of a process model and quickly adapt to changing business requirements through process improvements and bug fixes. Add functionality that your users have requested, comply with new regulatory requirements, and keep up with the competition; all without interrupting processes that are in flight. You can migrate a process instance that is active or that is stuck on an incident, ensuring that migration is invisible to end users.

Maintain secure access

Allow only trusted applications to connect to Operate

Use security best practices such as token authentication to enable secure and controlled access to the Operate API, giving you flexible yet controlled access to visualize process data in other applications.

Iterate without disruption

Use your DevOps pipeline for faster deliveries

Camunda’s architecture fits effortlessly with agile development practices. When business requirements change, you can quickly adapt and migrate running process instances to a new version of the process model. Applications using Camunda fit into your existing testing and CI/CD framework to speed up delivery.

Enhanced interface management for optimal efficiency

Operators can selectively remove specific versions of process and decision models to improve accuracy and user experience with a clutter-free interface. Additionally, completed instances can be deleted with a single click.

Camunda allows our teams to stay agile while centralizing business processes and rules with improved end-to-end visibility. Teaming up with Camunda enables our IT teams to focus on shipping critical business processes with agility, visibility, and efficiency.

Vinayak V.

Improve operational agility with Camunda