Camunda Breaks New Ground with Enterprise Scale SaaS for Process Automation

Press Release

May 11, 2021

Process Automation as a Service Engineered for the Cloud, Based on Open Standards; Now Generally Available for Production Deployments

Open source process automation provider Camunda today announced the general availability of Camunda Cloud, the first enterprise SaaS solution for process automation built from the ground up for the cloud. It is based on the ISO standard BPMN and includes a horizontally scalable workflow engine along with built-in components for collaborative modeling, operations, and analytics. This provides development teams with instant access to an enterprise-class cloud service for process automation, allowing them to save time and resources when building mission critical applications for the business. 

As more and more enterprise applications are built entirely in the cloud, organizations often struggle with automating processes across multiple systems, people, and devices in an end-to-end manner. These processes often include modern components such as microservices and serverless architectures as well as distributed and high-throughput applications. Furthermore, development teams find it time consuming and cumbersome to build and run their own process automation deployment environments, adding significant cost and delays to their application development projects.

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Camunda Cloud is ideal for enterprise teams that need instant access to highly scalable process automation services for their applications without having to build, operate and maintain their own infrastructure. Camunda Cloud’s flexible, open architecture has been designed to easily fit into existing development environments and can be used with most common programming languages. Because of its cloud-native, horizontally scalable architecture, Camunda Cloud is particularly well suited for developers that utilize modern microservice-based software architectures, are working in cloud-native environments or are creating high-volume transaction applications.

“During the global pandemic, the metric for cloud success isn’t cost-efficiency or even business agility — it’s velocity. The speed of business transformation is the most critical metric for every company recovering from the pandemic and helping its customers recover, as well. Luckily, cloud computing is more than just a technology transformation driver — it’s a business transformation accelerator. I&O leaders are using the cloud to connect employees, partners, customers, and internet of things (IoT) touchpoints quickly and in real time,” stated the November 2020 Forrester Research, Inc., report Cloud Powers The Adaptive Enterprise.

“Increasingly, cloud-native process automation will be the linchpin to successful digital transformation initiatives, helping organizations innovate and delight their customers faster,” said Jakob Freund, Camunda CEO. “Today’s launch of Camunda Cloud breaks new ground for development teams working in the cloud, offering sophisticated, enterprise-scale capabilities with the simplicity of an on-demand SaaS model. This allows organizations to leap ahead with their automation initiatives by focusing on automating their processes right away — without losing valuable time and money building the underlying automation infrastructure.” 

After an extensive public beta period and an early access program for select customers, Camunda Cloud is already extensively used by organizations around the world. 

“We needed to orchestrate and automate the millions of messages that we send out on a daily basis. Camunda Cloud provides the advanced workflow and high throughput capabilities we need while making it easy for us to run millions of process instances at any given time,” said Kunal Shrestha, Director of Product Management, athenahealth.

Camunda Cloud features include: 

  • Collaborative process design for business & IT with human-readable graphical models based on the ISO-standard BPMN 2.0.
  • Horizontally scalable workflow orchestration powered by a new class of BPMN workflow engine that delivers true horizontal scalability and enables high-performance use cases that were once beyond the realm of workflow automation.
  • Process visibility & monitoring for mission-critical processes that span multiple systems and services. With tools designed for teams to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot running workflow instances. 
  • On demand and scalable with native Kubernetes integration to easily create and manage all workflow clusters. Deploy processes at the push of a button, scale to meet needs, monitor cluster health and control organizational settings.
  • Built in gRPC integration supports a broad range of programming languages including Java, C#, Node.js, Ruby, Rust and Golang. 
  • Support for a variety of process use cases including microservices orchestration, serverless function orchestration (e.g. AWS Lambda), human workflow management, and end-to-end process automation across people, systems, and devices.


Camunda Cloud is immediately available on-demand at – as a free trial, a self-service professional plan and an enterprise plan. Enterprise-plan customers also have the option to deploy and self-manage Camunda Cloud. Pricing starts at $990 per month.

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