Deploy automation projects faster with Camunda

Build, automate, and optimize your processes with the process orchestration platform developers love.

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Camunda Architecture

Take a look behind the scenes at how Camunda is set up.

Top Camunda Courses for Developers

Access free, on-demand courses with Camunda Academy

Friendly tooling across the process development lifecycle

From collaboratively designing processes with Camunda Web and Desktop Modeler to quickly resolving incidents with Camunda Operate and improving processes with Camunda Optimize, our platform has everything you need.

Create and code with confidence

Build and deploy using your preferred programming languages, with the tools you already use.

Use your favorite languages

Our open and polyglot-friendly platform lets developers use their favorite languages, whether Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, Go, or C#. Don’t see your framework of choice? You can submit your own SDK in our Community Hub!

Stick with your existing stack

Seamless integration with existing tools like CI/CD pipelines helps you develop solutions faster.

Integrate any endpoint

Easily connect any endpoint in an end-to-end workflow, including legacy systems, human tasks, and next-gen technologies such as AI, ML, and microservices.

Deploy anywhere

Run Camunda using our SaaS product, or manage it yourself, using Kubernetes, OpenShift, Amazon EKS, or Docker.

“We have never once questioned our decision to adopt Camunda. Our IT management team as well as our developers agree that adopting this lightweight process engine with its excellent performance was the right decision.”

Jörg Sauer, Head of Application Development

Why Developers <3 Camunda

At Camunda, we believe that the best solutions come from collaboration. That’s why our platform is built with developers in mind, offering APIs, step-by-step guides, and a wealth of  best practices to help you get started.

Dev-friendly documentation

Get started quickly with our detailed guides and resources.

Check out our docs

Powerful APIs and tools

Build precisely what you need with flexible APIs, clients, and other resources.

Explore APIs and tools

Vibrant and friendly community

Learn, connect, and collaborate with the 100,000+ active developers building with Camunda.

Join the community

A few of our favorite Camunda community projects

The Camunda Community Projects repo on GitHub provides a collection of example projects and code snippets to help you get up to speed quickly.

Low-Code UI Project

Low-code project for Camunda 8 using React, Java, and Spring Boot.

Process Solution Template

A repo for local development using Spring Boot and Docker for Camunda 8.

Friendly Connector Runtime

Provides a connector runtime  with a simple UI to learn about Connectors.

Camunda Community Projects

A little more information about the hub.

Focused on Community

Our vibrant community is one of the many reasons why developers love Camunda. With 100,000+ developers worldwide, you’ll never be alone in your process orchestration journey.

Camunda Chapters

Join a local meet-up community to mingle and learn in person.

Camunda Champions

Camunda Champions are loyal, helpful, and collaborative community members who actively support the Camunda Community.

Developer-Friendly Events

Learn and connect with other developers at one of our events.

Community Contributions

Contribute to a community project or submit something entirely new!

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“I have not seen many other forums that have developers who are as active as Camunda’s developers are on their forums. The technical advice that we get from Camunda is really helpful. They know best about the product they have built over the last few years.”

Staff Software Engineer at Large Retail Company

See for yourself why developers <3 Camunda

Our vibrant community is one of the many reasons why developers love Camunda. With 100,000+ developers worldwide, you’ll never be alone in your process orchestration journey.

Get started fast with SaaS

Let us handle the infrastructure, security, and maintenance so you can focus on creating cool stuff.

Develop locally with Self-Managed

Spin up Camunda in a self-hosted environment using our Helm charts or Docker images.