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From design to operation, we work with you to achieve your big hairy audacious goals.

Every business and team is unique and our diverse group of consultants support you at each stage of the project. Start small with a 1-day workshop or request a comprehensive 3-5 day Proof of Concept (PoC) workshop to kick start your project.

Typical Services

Camunda Health-Check

Get an expert’s review at any stage of your Camunda project. Together with your team, we’ll provide a deep dive business and technical review, from evaluating your process models, overall architecture and Camunda implementation plan, including security, performance, monitoring & operations and optimization. On health-check completion, you will have a recommended action plan and suggested ways Camunda can help make your project future-proof.

PoC Workshop

Evaluate Camunda with an on-site personal guide. We introduce you to process modeling with BPMN, rules modeling with DMN and the technical implementation with Camunda. At the end of the workshop you will have a running prototype to assess the usability and performance of Camunda with your team and stakeholders.

Architecture Review and Optimization

Integrate Camunda into your IT architecture without any doubts. We analyze and review your technical structure and provide different deployment variations to build you a personalized foundational structure.

Technical Review

Ensure your processes’ applications are technically sound. We review your technical implementation of Camunda and provide concrete suggestions to improve your automation potential.


Camunda Upgrade Implementation

Reap the benefits of the latest version of Camunda with a customized migration strategy and an in-depth overview of all the new features. We make sure to minimize the risks and maximize efficiency so that your engine never sleeps.


Optimize Workshop

Gain transparency in your processes to make better business decisions. We help you install and configure Optimize and import and analyze your data from Camunda.

Best Practices Workshop

Learn from industry experts to stay ahead of the curve. We’ll share BPMN, DMN and CMMN best practices brought together over years of working with hundreds of companies in varying industries.


Modeling Workshops

Model with confidence. We provide syntactic and semantic feedback on your individual BPMN, DMN, or CMMN models and show you how to improve them going forward.


Who will you be working with?

Our consultants leave each project with a goal of making sure the right people on your team know everything they need to progress. Their expertise is trusted by our customers and passionate developers and architects. Take a look at Niall, one of our many awesome consultants presenting to a crowd of 300 developers.


Accelerating our clients projects forward

Camunda supported us greatly, starting with the analysis of our specific requirements all the way to the implementation of our first project. Examples for the different requests were delivered in the form of patterns, which could be implemented according to our requirements. The support convinced through its very fast response times and good solutions.


If we did encounter a problem, no matter if of technical or contractual nature, it was solved fast and customer-oriented by Camunda. The development of the necessary knowledge was also very competently supported. Especially our experience in how Camunda met our individual needs and wishes, was very positive (consulting, finding appointments for bug fixing, or contract terms). Thus we were able to concentrate on the aspects of introducing BPMN processes and changing the development process instead of investing unnecessary energy in coordination and technology with a new service provider.

DWP Bank

We evaluated a lot of process automation Products including Camunda before making a final decision. We reviewed every product from many angles such as: pricing model, maturity, documentation, supportability, flexibility, etc. and Camunda definitely won this completion. Their personal responsiveness, openness and interest played a significant role, too. Then I had some very good talks with references they provided. And finally the personal touch assured us that we are making the right decision – I mean the proof of concept-workshop we got in June. It left us impressed by their knowledge and professionalism.


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