U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs + Camunda

Harnessing Process Orchestration to Deliver More Benefits, Faster

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supports nearly 22 million U.S. Veterans and their families with a variety of benefits, including through its Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). The VBA provides a wide range of compensation and supplemental income benefits, such as pensions and disability payments, life insurance, education funding (e.g., the GI Bill), and loan services. Learn how the VA transformed its claims management process through process orchestration powered by Camunda to deliver better service to its claim holders, faster.

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increase in fully automated claims


reduction in claim review and award process time, from months to weeks


month time to value, all during an unprecedented global pandemic

Claims management

Using process orchestration to increase claim management efficiency – and better support veterans and their families

The COVID-19 pandemic placed enormous pressure on claimants, who needed fast benefit delivery to combat pressures placed on them due to the pandemic. This also meant pressure for the VA, whose meticulous, heavily-manual claims management processes took excessive time and resources. Learn how the VA partnered with Camunda to build a modern, automated claims management system to shorten benefits claims processing and clear claim backlog.

Transforming business

Building a better claims management system: go behind-the-scenes with the VA, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Camunda

The VA knew it needed to modernize its claim management system and improve its payout time to claimants, but their system had several layers of complexity and required additional regulatory rigor. How could they best automate these processes? Walk through the project step-by-step with this presentation from the VA’s project implementation partners at Booz Allen Hamilton.

“Many of the reasons why we chose Camunda fairly well speak for themselves here…process orchestration, complex process automation, and agility in changing business rules.”

Daniel Ragan, Lead Software Engineer
Booz Allen Hamilton