camunda BPM 7.0.0-alpha4 released

Release early and release often. Today we bring you the next release of camunda BPM (7.0.0-alpha4). The Highlights are:

Read the full release notes in Jira.

Message correlation in REST API

With the previous release we added a message correlation method to the Java API. With this release we bring the new functionality to the REST API. (Read the docs).
The API is pretty straight forward, just execute a POST to the /messageresource. Example:
{"messageName" : "aMessage",
"businessKey" : "aBusinessKey",
"correlationKeys" : {
    "aVariable" : "aValue"
"processVariables" : {
    "aVariable" : "aNewValue",
    "anotherVariable" : true

This allows correlating a message to an existing process instance (or start a new process instance) in a single, atomic request.

The corresponding Java Api call looks like this:
Map correlationKeys = new HashMap();
correlationKeys.put("aVariable", "aValue");

Map processVariables = new HashMap();
processVariables.put("aVariable", "aNewValue");
processVariables.put("anotherVariable", true);

runtimeService.correlateMessage("aMessage", "aBusinessKey", correlationKeys, processVariables);

What’s next?

Now that we have the infrastructure ready for writing cockpit plugins, we can start implementing a bunch of awesome features in cockpit. We will now also start work on the login and security modules for the web applications.
On top of that, we will continue work on the REST API and the Websphere distribution.
Read the full Roadmap.

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