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Cowboy Dueling game

High Noon in BPM City: not a soul walks the dusty main road and the sun glares mercilessly onto El Camundo and his opponent – the Oracle of the Desert. The wireless mouse still rests in his holster, his hand hovers above it – only the slightest quiver reveals Camundo’s tension. Pearly beads of sweat are glistening on Oracle’s face. Who will be the first to shoot off his token?

This is close to what you can expect from our Shootout Roadshow, that we will run together with Oracle and Opitz Consulting (the latter as a neutral presenter). The idea is to set Camunda’s and Oracle’s BPM systems against each other and get a direct comparison. On the one hand the well-established and powerful infrastructure, on the other hand Oracle’s tool. Just kidding, I just can’t help myself. Seriously though: obviously Oracle as well as Camunda offer serious and high-quality BPM solutions. What then are the similarities, what the  differences? Which solutions is eligible for my specific project? This is less a question about which tool is the better, but more about which approach is the most suitable for a specific problem or business situation.

10.06.2013 | Berlin
11.06.2013 | Hamburg
25.06.2013 | Cologne
26.06.2013 | Bad Homburg
27.06.2013 | Munich

We are pleased that Oracle is prepared to participate in this event and will be present with some of its qualified representatives. I do believe that it will be an exciting few days without one side belittling the other, but where real BPM enthusiasts will describe why they love their product and which of its strengths they believe to be especially relevant and during which the Optiz team can report from their experiences with these products and enough time will be given for your questions (feel free to be critical). Definitely a marketing event (hey, free coffee!), but not the typical empty yes-we-are-great-stuff that one usually has to endure. It’ll be cool.

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