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If you want to do BPM / Workflow and BPMN 2.0 in PHP then we have good news for you: as part of our camunda BPM polyglot initiative we started a new incubation project which aims at providing a PHP SDK for camunda BPM. This SDK will facilitate the development of PHP-based applications that use the camunda BPM middleware services. The project will provide a client library which authenticates against the REST Api and provide PHP developers with a native API for interacting with the process engine:

diagram illustrating the relationship between a PHP application and REST API

While the camunda BPM project stays focused on Java as primary programming language, we believe that it is important to support developers that use other programming languages and give them access to the BPMN 2.0 process engine technology, without having to rewrite that technology in every programming language.

The main developer on the project is Stefan Hentschel who has a great deal of experience developing PHP applications.

The project will provide 3 main artifacts:

  1. A PHP client library for the REST API,
  2. Documentation including Getting stated, Userguide and PHP Api Docs,
  3. A PHP demo application which showcases the features of the Api.

As additional topics we might look into OAuth 2.0 authentication for the REST API and external service tasks (a facility for implementing service tasks externally and polling the process engine for new task instances. This will enable you to code service tasks directly inside the PHP client application).

If you are interested in contributing to this project, check out the PHP SDK for camunda BPM repository on GitHub.

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