It’s done: camunda BPM 7.0.0-Final released

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We are happy to announce the first major release of camunda BPM: 7.0.0-Final. The highlights of this release are

Distributions are available for Apache Tomcat, JBoss Application Server 7 and Glassfish Application Server 3. An additional IBM WebSphere Application Server 8 distribution is reserved for enterprise customers only. For more information about this release, please join us for our (free) upcoming webinars: webinars now passed.

Enterprise Support

The 7.0 release is the first supported production release for camunda BPM. It is fully supported in the camunda BPM enterprise subscription. Support includes Help Requests based on different SLAs as well as access to camunda BPM maintenance releases. Maintenance releases allow customers to get bug fixes for production systems based on the 7.0 codebase. While the community project will forge ahead for 7.1, we will backport bug fixes to the 7.0 branch and perform maintenance releases reserved for enterprise subscription customers.

There is a Migration Guide targeting existing camunda fox installations.

Looking Back

A little over 5 months have passed since we announced the camunda BPM project launch. During that time we have performed 9 community preview releases and 14 developers have contributed a little over 1200 commits to the main codebase. As project lead of camunda BPM I want to take this opportunity for thanking my team at camunda for their exceptional work and commitment to this project. Getting to where we are today, to me, felt like one single intense coding session and I must say that the whole team really rocked it to the max.

The heros of camunda BPM 7.0 are
QA Engineer: Michael Schöttes
QA/CI Infrastructure, Maintenance & Build Automation: Christian LipphardtStefan Hentschel
Product Management: Robert Gimbel
Besides us core guys who can work on camunda BPM every day, we have a growing number of community members who contribute to camunda BPM in various ways. Among these I want to stress the restless efforts of Bernd Rücker who is our chief evangelist and probably the most black-belt BPM practitioner out there. He also co-organizes many of our community meetings. The community meetings are free discussion meetings where people get together and talk about BPM and related topics. So far, we have organized 12 community meetings and the next ones are already scheduled. Bernd is heading the team of camunda consultants among which I want to thank Kristin Polenz and Falko Menge for their many many contributions to the project and channeling a huge amount of customer feedback. From the community outside of camunda I want to highlight the efforts of Clint Manning from 1&1 who made large contributions to the REST Api as well as Marcel Wiczorek and Jörg Bellmann from zalando for their contributions to the process engine history refactoring.
The camunda Incubation space was launched with three interesting projects:

Looking Forward

We will do an international (English speaking) community Day in Prague. Entry  is free and I hope that as many of you as possible can make it.

And other than that, we will forge ahead for the 7.1 release!

Do not miss our Webinars: webinars now passed.

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