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Camunda BPM 7.6.0-alpha4 Released

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Camunda 7.6.0-alpha4 is here and it is packed with new features. The highlights are:

  • Batch Cancellation of Process Instances
  • CMMN Monitoring in Cockpit
  • New Home Page for the Webapplication
  • Improved Metrics API
  • 25 Bug Fixes

The complete release notes are available in Jira.

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Batch Cancellation of Process Instances

The new alpha version comes along with a new batch operation. This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of Cockpit.

It is now possible to cancel process instances asynchronously, based on search criteria andor a list of process instance Ids. This allows users to cancel a huge number of process instances.

Batch Process Instances Cancellation

The page is accessible from the process instance search on the dashboard in Cockpit.

Batch Cancel operations are also available in the Java and REST API.

CMMN Monitoring in Cockpit

This release introduces Monitoring Capabilities for CMMN in Cockpit. This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of Cockpit.

On the dashboard, a new tile named “Cases” is available:

CMMN Cockpit

Clicking on “Case Definitions” leads us to the Cases Dashboard where we can see a list of deployed Case Definitions and search for Case Instances:

CMMN Cockpit

When we select a Case Definition, the Case Definition View opens. This view shows the diagram of the latest version of the Case Definition. On the diagram, we can see how many times a particular Plan Item (Task) has been created and completed. We can also search for Case Instances:

CMMN Cockpit

Finally, if we drill down into a particular Case Instance, the Case Instance View opens. This view provides all relevant information about this particular Case Instance. In addition, it is possible to modify variables and terminate the Case Instance:

CMMN Cockpit

CMMN Human Tasks in Tasklist

As a cherry on top, Tasklist now displays the CMMN diagram if the current task is part of a CMMN Case:

CMMN Cockpit

New Home Page for the Webapplication

We have added a new “Home Page” to the Camunda Webapplication:

CMMN Cockpit

This is the first page the user sees when opening the Webapplication. It provides 3 basic functionalities:

  • Overview of which applications are available to the user.
  • Possibility to edit the user profile and change the password.
  • List of additional links which can be customized.

Improved Metrics API

This alpha release introduces the new metric interval query:

List<MetricIntervalValue> intervals =  managementService.createMetricsQuery()

The query returns a list of MetricIntervalValue objects, each of which provides the number of started (created) activity instances during an interval of 60 minutes. The results can be plotted to give an impression of load over time:

Activity Start Interval Metric

Similar data points can be retrieved for the other available metrics: activity-instance-end job-acquisition-attempt, job-acquired-success, job-acquired-failure, job-execution-rejected, job-successful, job-failed, job-locked-exclusive and executed-decision-elements.

Feedback Welcome

Please try out the awesome new features of this release and provide feedback by commenting on this post or reaching out to us in the forum.

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