CamundaCon 2019 – AXA and viadee: Transformation from a self-built process engine

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Niko Vogel, Manager IT-BPM and Product Owner AXA Konzern AG; and Matthias Schulte, Senior Consultant – Competence Center “BPM and Process Automation”, viadee Unternehmensberatung AG, are some of Camunda’s longest-standing users. In fact, Niko has joined us on stage before, presenting at Camunda Days in Stockholm and Brussels. If you were fortunate enough to score a seat at those events – you’ll know this CamundaCon presentation from the forward-thinking pair is not to be missed! Read on for highlights of their talk, and what they’re looking forward to at CamundaCon 2019.

The interesting facts:

Q: How long have you been using Camunda?

A: It was in 2016 that we started to work with Camunda and the first AXA process was modelled. We were in production by April 2017.

Q: Do you use the Community or Enterprise edition?

A: Enterprise

Q: How are you using Camunda?

A: At AXA Germany, we use Camunda as an end-to-end process automation tool to manage our customer communications. For example, if we receive a letter from a customer, it is scanned and then routed to the right business process. Camunda automates the entire request, takes care of the business process itself and, in most cases, automates the response to the customer as well.

Q: Have you built any interesting extensions/would you recommend any plugins etc.?

A: N Yes, we have! We’ve built lots of our own internal AXA extensions – and we’ll tell you more about these at CamundaCon.

A: M In addition, at viadee we have plugins for the Camunda modeler enabling modelling and documentation in Confluence.

CamundaCon preview:

Q: What will you be presenting?

A: Our journey at AXA from a self-built process engine to Camunda. IT loved our self-built process engine, but it was hard for our business users to understand. With Camunda, more people are able to actually use the platform – it’s enabling people from different departments to effectively work together.

Q: What’s motivating you to share your use case?

A: We aim to reinvent our business model in our quest to be a customer-centric, tech-led company. We have lots of ideas and discussions and it’s exciting to bring these on stage, to talk about what’s been done and how we’ve developed. It’s a great chance to discuss what will come in the future, especially as more and more companies move to the cloud. And, of course, it’s an opportunity to get feedback from other users and network with the Camunda Community.

Q: Are there any CamundaCon presentations/events that you’re looking forward to?

A: We’d like to see: Magenta Housekeeping: Dealing with a huge amount of Camunda historical data effectively, with Artem Grebnjev. Unfortunately, he’s speaking at the same time as us on the Community stage, so that might be a bit tricky. Plus, hacking on the WorkShip seems like a promising event!

Don’t miss Niko and Matthias’ presentation: Transformation from a self-built process engine to Camunda in the Cloud, on September 12th on the Plenum track.


Workflows, process automation and system integration have been topics at AXA for many years. Since 2015 Camunda has played a significant role in the tool portfolio for implementing processes. AXA and viadee IT Consulting will talk about their experiences integrating Camunda into the IT-Landscape of AXA Germany.
In this session we will travel back in time to the beginning of our self-developed workflow solution at AXA, show the transformation path to Camunda, and reflect on how the handling of processes in the organization has changed. There will be insights into the integration of Camunda with the existing application landscape and the cooperation between Business Units and IT departments.
AXA is on the move and we transform continuously. Currently, we’re moving Camunda into a scalable and distributed Cloud architecture and would like to outline our approach, as well as the organizational and technical framework. Last but not least, we share our thoughts on what it means to “cloudify” a workflow solution in an entity like AXA Germany.

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