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CamundaCon is back and better than ever before! For the first time ever, we’re bringing the Berlin action across the Atlantic to New York City.


CamundaCon brings together developers, architects and IT executives from all over the world, to learn more about workflow and decision automation. Following a completely sold out CamundaCon Berlin in 2019, we’ve decided to hold two CamundaCon events this year, to make it easier for our global community to connect, share ideas and best practices and discuss their requirements directly with Camunda engineers.

CamundaCon NYC will feature a stellar lineup of experienced Camunda users who’ll share genuine and insightful case studies based on their own implementation experiences, including:

  • Future X Networks with Camunda: Nokia Bell Labs Showcase with Kris Barczynski, Lead Java Engineer at Nokia Bell Labs
  • Process Automation Reimagined at Capital One with Senior Software Engineering Manager Muthukumar Vaidhianathan
  • Three Products – One Microservice Ecosystem – Cox Automotive with Senior Software Engineer Mary Rose Matira

In addition, Camunda engineers and consultants will run a series of tech talks and demonstrations, so you can gather inspiration for your next project.

Early Bird Tickets are available until February 29th – so register soon

For an idea of what to expect, check out our CamundaCon 2019 recap video, presentations and slides. Plus, you can keep up to date with the action ahead of CamundaCon New York on our website and social channels Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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