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Given the rapidly evolving circumstances around COVID-19, I would like to give the larger Camunda user community an update on how we are working through these challenges, how our globally distributed team continues to develop and support our software and what we are doing
to support the health and well being of our employees, customers and partners.

Since Friday last week, our offices are closed and our global team is working from home. Working remotely is not new for us. Over a year ago, we had proactively decided to transform Camunda into a distributed organization in order to help accelerate our growth and strengthen a global organization. As a result, we already have all the various tools, practices and team culture in place that is needed to work together effectively, no matter where you are.

As a consequence, we are able to continue all recurring business operations and product support with the same level of quality and responsiveness as always.

In addition, we are shifting our onsite engagements like consulting and training strictly to online services for the time being. This is nothing new for our team; we’ve offered online consulting for many years, and look forward to soon providing classroom seminars online as well.

I have always been proud of building Camunda in an organic, sustainable way. When Bernd and I started the company exactly 12 years ago, we did not take outside funding, and wouldn’t take any until late 2018, when we decided to raise €25M in a Series A round. We didn’t need
that money, but we wanted to secure extra funding when we wouldn’t need it, instead of starting to look for it when we do. For 12 years now, until this day, Camunda has been profitable, and we never had to touch the money we raised in 2018. In short, we have the resources we need to weather market volatility.

I always like to think of Camunda as a ship which is most seaworthy and able to navigate almost any bad weather. This ship is operated by an excellent crew, and because of this I am very confident that we will hold our course no matter the circumstances.

I’d like to send my best wishes to our customers, partners and friends. Stay healthy and let us know if there is anything we can do in order to support.

Take care,


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