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Ahead of CamundaCon Live – our free, virtual process automation conference, April 23-24 – we’re giving you a sneak peak at the great presentations you can expect from leading companies who’ll share their genuine Camunda use cases.

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Cox Automotive, the world’s leader in vehicle remarketing services and digital marketing and software solutions for automotive dealers and consumers, has modernized its Dealer track Registration and Title processes by moving towards a microservice architecture – enabling multiple solutions from an ecosystem of services. Using Camunda, Cox Automotive was able to create three products from a single solution by developing independent processes to handle manual and automated tasks in unique ways.

We spoke with Senior Software Engineer Mary Rose Matira, who’ll be presenting: Three Products – One Microservice Ecosystem at Cox Automotive at CamundaCon Live.

How long have you been using Camunda?
Roughly a year

How are you using Camunda?
We are using Camunda as our backend processor, mostly utilizing the Java API for the TaskService, RuntimeService and HistoryService. We also use Query APIs, particularly the Rest Query API and Custom Queries.

Have you built any interesting extensions or can you recommend any that you’ve found helpful?
I find the following extensions very helpful:

What’s motivating you to share your use case?
Being able to exchange ideas with fellow Camunda users and share my experience learning this new tool.

Are there any CamundaCon presentations you’re looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to learning and hearing about Camunda Cloud, Process Metrics and the presentation from Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan: Putting All Together – Process Automation, Automated Testing and CI/CD.

Don’t miss: Three Products – One Microservice Ecosystem at Cox Automotive

  • How we turned a solution that was originally meant to only process individual transactions into a fleet solution and an entirely separate lending solution
  • How to use Camunda Spring Boot Starter to control embedded engines
  • How process models can improve the deal handling experience and adjust capacity for new markets

Save your seat at CamundaCon Live. Registration is completely free and you’ll get access to a suite of on-demand presentations after the conference. We look forward to connecting with you online.

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