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How do you change peoples’ minds and kickstart digital projects, when businesses or teams are resistant to change? 

Helsana is more than 100 years old and manages around 110million CHF insurance claims and payments each month. However, the company’s legacy, paper-based processes needed to evolve.

Dr. Eric Euerlings, Helsana’s senior integration domain architect, said many of his colleagues had bad experiences with monolithic, centralized process engines in the past. Process owners and technologists were united in wanting to avoid the long hours of additional work, brittle code and expensive consultancy fees that plagued past process automation projects and, above all, they didn’t want another monolith.

Changing peoples’ minds about modern, lightweight and flexible process automation wasn’t easy. So instead of making change a technology issue, Dr. Euerlings made it a business challenge.

Starting with a straightforward Proof of Concept, Dr. Euerlings and his team wanted to prove that a non-invasive introduction of Camunda BPM into Helsana’s backend ecosystem was not only possible, but incredibly easy. 

In fact, in just 2½ days the team completed the POC, backend integration, output management integration, ERP contract process and compiled documentation. “We had a week-long PoC and the management presentation took us almost more time than the engineering,” Dr. Euerlings said.

Read how Dr Euerlings earned buy-in from all areas of the business, introducing new technologies and new ways of working, to implement the first Camunda project in just 48 hours, and watch his CamundaCon Berlin presentation.

Helsana Case Study

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