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Camunda’s long-standing partnerships have been integral to our success, developing solutions for end-to-end process automation for global clients. Which is why we’re launching the Camunda Connect Partner Program, providing expanded support for organizations that develop and implement Camunda, sell Camunda, or include Camunda among their solution offerings. 

We’re excited to launch this all-new program with more than 100 participating organizations, including some of the world’s largest global system integrators, strategically focused local and regional firms, sales and technology partners.

We’ve designed Camunda Connect to maximize our value in helping partners grow and we’re increasing our investments and expanding coverage to help partners improve their skills and create powerful, profitable value-added solutions for their customers.

Participating partners receive a range of tools and resources, depending on their level of partnership. These include marketing and sales tools, access to technical resources, training programs, demo environments, and more. 

“Automation has raised the stakes of what’s possible in delivering great customer experiences. BP3 is helping companies around the world find a faster way with automation solutions that improve their accuracy, speed, and productivity. With Camunda, we gain a powerful, standards-based approach for end-to-end process automation, one that builds upon an open, scalable architecture that maximizes our clients’ time to value.” 

BP3 Logo Scott Francis, CEO BP3 Global.

Camunda Connect is designed for several partner categories, each focused on providing the right mix of support and resources critical for success. They include:

  • Consulting Partners guide clients in their digital process automation journeys with implementation, development, process redesign and value-add business solutions.    
  • Sales Partners resell the Camunda Platform and provide services to clients.
  • Technology Partners embed Camunda technology within complete and complementary technology solutions.

Plus, we’re hosting our first dedicated partner event — the Camunda Connect Global Partner Summit will be held online on February 17, 2021, bringing together Camunda’s global partner organizations to discuss key initiatives and growth opportunities for the year.

To learn more about Camunda Connect or to submit an application to join, visit .

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