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You might have noticed something a little different about our recent release announcement: Camunda BPM is now Camunda Platform. We’ve renamed our process automation solution to better reflect our mission to help organizations automate any process, anywhere. And, to be perfectly honest, we are also keeping up with what we’re hearing in the field — many of our users and customers already informally refer to “Camunda Platform” or even just “the platform” or simply “Camunda” when talking about the product.

During CamundaCon 2020.2, our CEO, Jakob Freund, explained that processes are the algorithms that determine how an organization runs. They define how we work within our own team or across teams, and they influence the way we deal with our customers, partners, and suppliers. Processes are diverse; they’re often made up of both human tasks and automated interactions with APIs, RPA bots, microservices, IoT devices, and more. And processes are important; in the 2020 State of Process Automation Report, 97% of executives and experts agreed with the statement “Process automation is a vital element of digital transformation.”

At Camunda, we help organizations design, automate and improve their processes, no matter where they are and who or what they entail. Over time, we’ve put together a very comprehensive tech stack for end-to-end process automation and orchestration — from user-friendly process design with Cawemo and Modeler, to powerful and scalable BPMN and DMN engines, to Cockpit and Optimize that help you monitor and improve your processes. We believe the name Camunda Platform best reflects the depth and breadth of this offering.

“Automate Any Process, Anywhere” is our mission. How we do it is through a developer-friendly approach to automation and an open product architecture that makes it easy to get started and easy to integrate with your technology stack. Our desire to give developers the best possible experience and our commitment to building open, standards-based software are two key qualities that set Camunda apart from legacy BPM tools. That’s another reason we feel the name Camunda BPM no longer reflects what we do.

What’s not changing

This is simply a name change. None of the product components, capabilities or other aspects of our product packaging is changing. Especially behind the scenes, we want to avoid disrupting your use of Camunda Platform, so the names of technical components such as GitHub repositories, Docker images, and Maven dependencies have not been changed.

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