3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss CamundaCon 2021

Register now to avoid experiencing the fear of missing out on CamundaCon 2021, the leading process automation conference created with YOU in mind.
CamundaCon 2021: Know Before You Go
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If you’re still on the fence about attending CamundaCon 2021, we want to warn you about what you’ll be missing. This year’s conference has 30 sessions where you can hear from highly regarded process automation experts and leading enterprises. CamundaCon is an opportunity to help you learn how to achieve your business goals with developer-friendly process automation solutions. CamundaCon 2021 gives you the unique ability to:

1. Forge Your Own Path

This is your experience and you can have it your way. Our conference allows you to pick and choose sessions from the three tracks — Technical, Business and Camunda In Action — and save them within our event platform so you won’t miss a thing. There’s no need to run across convention center halls to find your next session; everything is right in front of you from the conference dashboard. You can attend as many or as little from each track as you want. No matter which tracks or sessions you choose, you can’t go wrong. They’re all great. 

2. Follow the Conversation on Slack

Once you’ve logged into the conference, you can access our Slack channel featuring all other attendees, speakers and the Camunda team. Throughout CamundaCon 2021, you can check what everyone else is saying, share your experience, and submit your own questions and comments to the speakers. We can’t wait to see what you have to share. 

3. Explore and Enjoy Gathertown

Gathertown is your chance to meet up and socialize with other conference attendees like you normally would. This will be an additional networking space accessible during conference breaks. In this virtual community, you’ll create your own avatar, mingle with other attendees, play games, and drop in on relevant networking conversations. Get ready to experience the arcade, beach and more fun places within Gathertown. 

FOMO is Real

Register here to avoid experiencing the fear of missing out on CamundaCon 2021, the leading process automation conference created with YOU in mind. 

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