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*Camunda Platform 8, our cloud-native solution for process orchestration, launched in April 2022. Images and supporting documentation in this post may reflect an earlier version of our cloud and software solutions.

Many enterprise tech stacks (including mission-critical applications) run on technology that’s decades old. In fact, nearly a third of all enterprise applications are considered legacy apps. Hundreds of billions of lines of COBOL code, a 60-year-old programming language, are still in production today. Ripping and replacing all of these legacy applications would be devastating for some of the world’s largest companies.

So, why aren’t there more options for enterprises to connect these applications to other components of the modern IT stack? 

App stores like cloud app marketplaces create entire ecosystems around platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. These marketplaces were designed to increase the utility of these platforms by connecting them to external services. The opportunity to do the same thing for legacy applications is a major unmet need. 

At Camunda, we’re working to address that need with out-of-the-box connectors for Camunda Platform 8. These connectors will serve as a “hook” between legacy applications and Camunda’s process orchestration system, making it much easier to assemble and drive automation workflows that are tailored to the organization.

Read more about how a “legacy app store” can connect the server-bound and cloud-native worlds in my latest Forbes piece: Why aren’t there app stores for legacy applications?

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    We’re excited to announce new regions for Camunda Platform 8 SaaS that further strengthen the resilience, performance, and data requirements for our SaaS customers. Enterprise customers can now choose to create their clusters in a number of regions including Europe West, US Central, US East, and the most recent addition, Australia South East. This provides multiple benefits, such as increasing availability, allowing to set up fail-safes, adhering to regulatory requirements for regional data storage, and reduced latency due to closer physical proximity. Resilience and redundancy in technology are important for all modern organizations and are top of mind for many. Across industries, organizations need a solution that scales effectively and is resilient to provide a good base for process orchestration....

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