Welcome to our Newest Camunda Champions!

Camunda Champions make interacting in our community a more valuable and meaningful experience for everyone. Welcome to our latest Camunda Champions!
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Our awesome community is what makes us who we are and we value each and every member. There are some community members who always go above and beyond and love to share their knowledge and expertise to help others within the community, making our community an even more welcoming and inclusive space.

To acknowledge, amplify, and reward the work of our most vocal community members, we created the Camunda Champion Program. Our vision for this program is to make interacting in our community a more valuable and meaningful experience for everyone by enabling our Champions to share knowledge and help others more easily.

We have just onboarded our fourth cohort of Champions, and we received more applications than ever from exceptional community members from all across the globe. Thank you to everyone who applied, and we hope that you’ll apply to the program again in the future if you haven’t been selected yet. 

Meet our brand new Champions 

Please join us in welcoming our Champions as they begin their one-year term while continuing their incredible work: Harish Malavade, Björn Richerzhagen, Michał Stefaniuk, Luc Weinbrecht, David Zang, Skay Liu, Anthony Callaert, Marcio Junior Vieira, Marigianna Skouradaki, and Raimundo Santos.

Check out all our existing Champions and see what some of our brand new Champions have to say:

“Being a Camunda Champion means to me becoming a helper of this awesome community.”
– Anthony Callaert, France, Decathlon
“I find the perspective to exchange ideas and experiences with other Camunda enthusiasts very exciting and a unique opportunity!”
– Marigianna Skouradaki, Germany, Novatec
“Being a Champion means to connect with a broader network of Champions, and to learn and share experiences.”
– Harish Malavade, United States, Fidelity Investments
“Being a Camunda Champion means to me being part of a super cool community where you can learn a lot and which gives back the appreciation you invest — encouraging to continue.”
– Luc Weinbrecht, Germany, Envite

Benefits of being a Camunda Champion

During their term, Camunda Champions receive benefits, including:

  • An invitation to our exclusive Camunda Champion Summit
  • Access to Camunda experts and fellow Champions
  • Free tickets to our annual conferences
  • Exclusive Camunda badges and special swag 
  • And more

Champions reloaded

We’re also excited to announce that the following individuals were able to renew their Champion status and continue their incredible work: Markus Stahl, Uwe Koch, Jean Robert Alves, Hassan Ghanem, and Gerardo Manzano.

Interested in becoming a Camunda Champion? 

We want to hear from you! Find out more about the program and apply to be a Champion. The next cohort of Champions will start in one year from now in Fall 2023. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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