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Since the first day I joined Camunda (which is already over four years ago – time really does fly when you are having fun), I was amazed at how many dedicated, passionate, and invested Camunda Community members there are. Numerous times, I have met individuals who spoke with such excitement about Camunda’s technologies and what the community means to them, that you had to believe it even if you would have never heard of Camunda before.

Not only are Camunda Community members passionate about the products, many also actively contribute and give back to the community in several ways. Just to name a few examples: they contribute code and help improve Camunda products, organize meetups, answer questions from fellow users on the Forum, create community content, or speak at events. Additionally, some of them even go above and beyond to help others — sharing knowledge and expertise, and making our community an even more welcoming and inclusive space.

At Camunda, we always knew how awesome our community is, but at some point, we realized that we don’t have a formal way of rewarding and giving credit to our most committed contributors. Plus, we wanted to be able to better support them along their journey and also connect them with each other. This is why we started the Camunda Champion Program and launched it in April last year. Our hope is that by acknowledging, amplifying, and rewarding the work of our most vocal contributors, we’ll make interacting in our community a more valuable and meaningful experience for everyone. 

Since we launched the program, we have already onboarded 28 amazing Camunda Champions. This November, we will welcome our fourth cohort and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s not too late for you to join this cohort of Camunda Champions. The deadline to apply is less than a month away: October 14, you can find the application form here.

This blog post includes everything you need to know about becoming and being a Camunda Champion.

What is a Camunda Champion? 

Camunda Champions are helpful, collaborative and loyal community members who actively support the Camunda Community by answering questions, speaking at events, publishing content, contributing to online communities, and more. With this program we want to give our most active contributors credit for the work they’re doing and set them up for success. 

Why become a Camunda Champion?

We want to create a global network of Camunda Champions and give guidance and special support to them. Some of the benefits you can expect as a Champion:

  • Access to Camunda experts and fellow Champions
  • Exclusive Camunda badges and amplification within the community
  • First-hand information about updates from the Camunda universe
  • Invitation to exclusive Champion Summit & free ticket to CamundaCon
  • And of course, special swag!

What does being a Camunda Champion look like?

The Camunda Champion Program is all about amplifying the work our Champions are doing and building meaningful relationships. That’s why, one of the program rewards is to be invited for our exclusive Camunda Champion Summit, which happens on an annual basis. During this format we share exclusive insights, answer burning questions and connect our Champions with each other across the globe. The next Camunda Champion Summit takes place in November and we’re already heads-down into planning.

How to apply to become a Camunda Champion?

Interested in becoming a Camunda Champion? Applications are available now, and we want to hear from you. Apply by October 14 to be eligible to start with our fourth cohort of Champions in November. The Camunda Champion Program team will review all applications and will notify you by email if you’re accepted.

If you have any questions around the program, always feel free to reach out to the Camunda Champion Team via [email protected].

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