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Reflecting on more than two years with Camunda, I’ve been consistently struck by the dedication, knowledge, and engagement our Camunda Community members bring to the table. Time and time again, I’ve had conversations with different people sharing their enthusiasm about Camunda’s technology, and what the community means to them.

Many within the Camunda Community actively contribute in ways that demonstrate their commitment and generosity, sharing their expertise and shaping our community. Our community members write code that refines the product,  organize meet-ups where local community members get together to learn,  answer questions on our forum, and present to local and international audiences.

The Camunda Champion Program launched in 2021 as a way to formalize Camunda’s acknowledgement and support for those who truly stand out. The intention was clear from the get-go: to recognize, empower, and reward our most dedicated contributors. By doing so, we aim to improve the experience of every community member and make all interactions more meaningful.

Since its launch, we’ve had the privilege to onboard 29 exceptional folks as Camunda Champions. This November, we will onboard the fifth cohort, and there’s still an opportunity for you to become a Camunda Champion, too. Read on for details about what it means to be a Camunda Champion, the benefits of being a Camunda Champion, and where you can apply.

What it means to be a Camunda Champion  

A Camunda Champion is someone who embodies our Community Values. These are the pillars on which our community stands – individuals who are always ready to collaborate, share their knowledge, uplift others, and are passionate about Camunda and BPMN. Their contributions range from addressing questions and to public speaking, to content creation and actively participating across multiple platforms. The Champion program aims to recognize the dedication of these champions, and support them in the area they feel most passionate about.

Embracing the role of a Camunda Champion

Why consider becoming a Camunda Champion? Beyond joining a thriving global community of Camunda Champions, there are multiple benefits waiting for you:

  • Grow your network. Create connections with Camunda experts and fellow Champions from around the world.
  • Exclusive badges. Showcase your Champion status through special badges across different platforms.
  • Insider insights. Stay informed about the latest developments within Camunda, receiving updates firsthand.
  • Special access to events. An invitation to the annual Champion Summit, and free tickets to CamundaCon.
  • Exclusive swag!

Apply by October 6, 2023

Stepping into the role of a Camunda Champion means joining a community built on knowledge sharing, collaboration, and connection. We are accepting applications now, and we want to hear from you. Apply by October 6, 2023 to be considered for our fifth cohort of Champions in November. The Camunda Champion Program team will review all applications and get back to you via email if you’re accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to contact us via [email protected].

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