Tutorial: Build a Custom Connector Using the Connector SDK

Learn how to use the Connector SDK to build a custom Connector.
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Camunda Connectors make it easy to integrate different tools and technologies into your end-to-end business processes. We designed Connectors to provide a multi-layer coding experience for everyone from business users to software developers. The foundational layer of this experience is the Connector SDK, which allows you to build custom Connectors from scratch. 

You might consider building a Connector from scratch if you need to orchestrate a legacy system, a homegrown application, or a specialized piece of software that you can’t easily connect to using a protocol such as REST or GraphQL. The SDK gives you granular control over the Connector’s execution logic and the way it transforms data before sending it to Camunda’s workflow engine, Zeebe.

Building a Connector Using Java

This tutorial video from Senior Developer Advocate Niall Deehan shows how to build and customize your own custom Camunda Connector using Java, and how to use the Connector in a BPMN-based process running on Camunda. Niall will review the different task types and pre-built Connectors that are available in Camunda Modeler, the key parts of a Connector template, and how to deploy a process to a Zeebe cluster.

Tutorial: How to Build a Custom Camunda Connector, Using Java

How to Get Started

Are you interested in building your own Connector using the SDK? Check out the documentation for tools and templates that will help you get started. If you’re feeling stuck, visit the Camunda Forum to connect with other Camunda experts.

Discover Connectors in Camunda Marketplace

Camunda Marketplace allows you to discover and install pre-built Connectors from Camunda Engineering, our partners, and our developer community. If you’re new to Connectors, check it out! And if you don’t have a Camunda account yet, you can create a free account and start experimenting with Connectors right away.

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