Streamlining Camunda APIs: Providing an Intuitive and Consistent Experience

We're working to streamline our product APIs and provide you with an intuitive and consistent API experience.
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  • Streamlining Camunda APIs: Providing an Intuitive and Consistent Experience

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We’re excited to share a new initiative at Camunda, focused on streamlining our product APIs.

Working with multiple APIs that use different protocols and schemas can be challenging. It can increase the learning curve for software development teams and increase the time it takes to automate new processes and to update and modify existing processes.

Today, each component of Camunda has its own API and we use a combination of REST and gRPC protocols. However, while each Camunda API has advantages, we’ve seen that the mix of component-specific APIs and different protocols slows down development teams as they work on process orchestration projects.

For example, we originally adopted gRPC because it offers benefits for microservices architectures, such as bidirectional data streaming and support for high performance use cases. However, because gRPC isn’t as widely used as REST, it can be a hurdle for development teams. In addition, some organizations cannot operate gRPC in their network, for example because they don’t use the HTTP/2 protocol.

Therefore, based on your feedback, we’re working to streamline our product APIs. Our goal is to provide you with an intuitive and consistent API experience that helps you and your teams develop process automation solutions faster. We’re building a single Camunda 8 REST API to manage and query all process entities. The transition will be introduced gradually to facilitate seamless adoption and minimal migration effort.

What’s Next

We’ll be rolling out changes step-by-step. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post introducing the Zeebe REST API; then, we’ll go into detail about managing user tasks in Zeebe. If you have any questions, visit us at the Camunda Forum.

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