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Bernd Ruecker
Organizations can use Camunda Platform 8 to build resilient systems that can withstand disasters in the form of complete data center outages.
Not ready to migrate to Camunda Platform 8 yet? Learn the alternative approaches you can take now to prepare for migrating later.
Learn about the different components of Camunda 8 and their licenses. Plus, explore the possible paths to production.
Learn about our interesting journey with benchmarking and how to run a benchmark to figure out what your Zeebe cluster can do.
Want to learn how to integrate multiple components without the help of ACID transaction managers? We'll teach you.
Learn about the benefits of external tasks in Camunda Cloud and how you can still call your service endpoints via any protocol.
Prefer embedded workflow engines? So did we. Learn our reasoning behind why we now recommend a remote engine instead.
All the questions we didn't have time to answer at the recent 3 Superpowers for Next Level Microservices Orchestration webinar
When automating processes you typically integrate systems and services, or in other words you orchestrate various APIs. In order to achieve this you not only have different technical possibilities, but also can choose between various modeling possibilities in BPMN. This post will give you an overview and advice on how to decide between alternatives.