• Zbchaos — A new fault injection tool...

    During Summer Hackdays 2022, I worked on a project called “Zeebe chaos” (zbchaos), a fault injection command-line interface (CLI) tool. This allows us engineers to more easily run chaos experiments against Zeebe, build up confidence in the system’s capabilities, and discover potential weaknesses. Requirements To understand this blog post, it is useful to have a certain understanding of Kubernetes and Zeebe itself. Summer Hackdays: Hackdays are a regular event at Camunda, where people from different departments (engineering, consulting, DevRel, etc.) work together on new ideas, pet projects, and more. Check out previous Summer Hackdays here: Summer Hackdays 2020 Summer Hackdays 2019 Zeebe chaos CLI Working on the Zeebe project is not only about engineering a distributed system or a process...

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  • Camunda hackday projects 2019: Fun and Productive

    The hackdays produced a lot of interesting projects and this is part two of those projects. If you want to catch up on all the fun. you can find part one here. We’ve a dichotomy of project types in this post, ranging from those made for fun to those actually helping productivity. The line is slightly blurred on some of them depending on if you consider reading logs fun or not. Personally I find no better way to relax than curling up on a couch and reading through one of my favorite stack traces. Even if we can predictably assume that in the end the NPE did it. Fun & Games! The hackdays have often produced endearing games like 2015’s...

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  • Camunda hackday projects 2019: A Theme of Their Own

    A Theme of their own Plain Components – The behavioral UI Library Zeebe Benchmark Experiments (aka Spreadsheet-Driven Development) Zakka – distributed fault tolerant workflow engine on Akka Use Node-RED Zeebe nodes for Camunda keyfob detection GitHub Plugin(s) for BPMN Diagrams Optimize Drilldown Nexus and Minio object storage / Camundobot!

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  • Camunda hackday projects 2019: Getting Started and External Tasks

    Each year the coding inclined residents of Camunda towers embark on a 3-day adventure into a realm of big ideas and hacky solutions. Its starts months before when a list of potential project ideas is created. Then as the hackdays approach people find ideas that they like and teams form until the day of reckoning arrives and we all gather together to see if we can realize the lofty ambition of creating a working prototype over the course of about 60 hours. We had some unifying themes these this year and I’m going to write each post on the projects that are (sometimes loosely) related to that theme. In this post I’ll discuss projects that help users get started with...

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