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Author: Niall Deehan
Why would you use both Camunda and Kafka in your architecture? Learn why and how to do it in this easy to follow tutorial.
Learn the fundamental features of CMMN and how BPMN can easily match CMMN in dynamism.
Learn how you can use the Camunda Platform 8 REST API to start a process using the latest Connectors.
The Unconference agenda is now live! Check out the lineup of peer-led sessions we have in store for you on April 27.
Learn about the fundamental redesigns we've made to Camunda Platform 8 to avoid some challenges present in Camunda Platform 7.
Thank you for your submissions! From now until April 16, cast your vote for the discussion topics you want on the Unconference agenda.
Camunda Platform 8 is here! Let's look at what this new product launch means for our large Camunda Platform 7 community.
Learn more about our search and discovery of a solution to protect the integrity of the web apps for all our users.