• Monitoring Camunda Platform 7 with Prometheus

    Monitoring is an essential facet of running applications in a production system. Through this process, organizations collect and analyze data, and determine if a program is performing as expected within set boundaries. When combined with alerting, monitoring allows for detecting unexpected system behavior to mitigate exceptional situations as fast as possible. Furthermore, tracking the performance of a system enables organizations to improve those aspects that have the biggest impact with higher priority. One essential aspect of monitoring is the list of key metrics you want to observe. There are different categories of statistics that can be of interest here. To observe the defined metrics, there are plenty of application monitoring tools on the market today. They differ in many aspects...

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  • The Job Executor: What Is Going on in My Process Engine?

    Sometimes we start a process, and after some initial processing, it does not continue for no apparent reason. Usually, this happens at asynchronous continuations or BPMN timer events, so points in the process where the job executor, the process engine’s component for deferred work, takes over. While the job executor is a well-tested and battle-proven piece of software, it is not a closed system. It integrates with a relational database, an application server and the processes and applications it runs. Problems with job execution typically arise in this interaction of components. In this article, we look at common reasons why job execution can be delayed or stuck, how to diagnose, and how to resolve them.

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