• Process Migration Using BPMN Part 2

    This blog post is the continuation of Process Migration Using BPMN Part 1 – part of my presentation Process Migration 201: Tips Tricks and Techniques, at CamundaCon Live. Here, I’ll run through some migration solution examples.

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  • Process Migration Using BPMN Part 1

    Please note: This blog post is the Part One of a two part series. If you are looking for Part Two then you can find it here. If your organization relies on BPM and your process definitions are considered to have “long running” process instances (perhaps due to user tasks etc.), then there comes a time when your organization needs to define the process instance migration strategy. This blog will show you how to define your migration strategy as a business process and to use BPMN to help control different scenarios during your custom migration.

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  • Efficient bundling of similar activities – Batch Processing with Camunda

    Batch Processing in business processes is the ability to execute an activity or a set of activities for several business cases simultaneously. In practice, we can observe different cases where the bundled execution of several cases is beneficial and can improve process performance. In healthcare, it is more time-efficient to first collect a set of blood samples taken from patients to deliver them to the laboratory instead of sending a nurse for each separately. In e-commerce and logistics, it is more cost-efficient to consolidate packages to be sent to the same customer instead of handling each separately. In administration, usually related sets of invoices are approved to minimize the time to get familiar with the work. Most process modeling languages...

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