Camunda Announces Camunda Cloud: Workflow Engineered for the Cloud

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September 12, 2019

First BPMN-based and horizontally scalable workflow automation technology available as a service

BERLIN – September 12, 2019 – Camunda, the software company reinventing workflow automation, today launched Camunda Cloud at its annual user conference CamundaCon. Camunda’s new offering delivers a fully managed, cloud-native workflow tech stack for developers to design, automate and manage their business-critical processes, easily scale with transaction processing needs and improve their productivity. This new solution enables developers to continue to use their preferred cloud tools and focus on building and improving applications instead of the complexities of managing a distributed system at scale.

Camunda Cloud is the first BPMN-based workflow technology that has been engineered specifically for the cloud as an on-demand cloud service. It is architected around the recently released cloud-native workflow engine Zeebe and its monitoring tool Operate, along with the collaborative workflow modeling tool Cawemo.

“On demand, enterprise-class workflow technology has been the missing link for efficient and scalable cloud-native application development,” said Jakob Freund, Camunda’s CEO and Co-founder. “Camunda is now filling this void with a powerful, secure, and high-performing workflow platform engineered for the age of the cloud. This allows development teams charged with automating complex business processes to focus on the business and customer needs and rely on Camunda Cloud for an on-demand, highly scalable and sophisticated workflow service.”

Workflows play a central role in business-critical applications – with no scalable, cloud solution for enterprise IT teams until now.
As IT teams at companies around the world are rushing to move more and more software applications into the cloud to take advantage of the inherent flexibility, cost savings and scalability, they have limited options when building applications that include workflows. As a result, IT teams resort to hard-coded workflows or have to manage their own workflow tech stack and infrastructure. This requires considerable cloud expertise and takes time and resources away from development teams already struggling to keep up with business demand.

Camunda Cloud makes it easy for developers to access a workflow technology stack on demand which has been specifically engineered for the cloud. It provides development teams with:

Workflow tech stack engineered for the cloud: Camunda’s new solution instantly provides a workflow automation tech stack that is designed for infinitely scalable cloud infrastructures while integrating seamlessly with best-in-class, cloud-native components.

Cloud scale and flexibility: Using this service teams can rely on the power of the cloud to scale their workflow processing needs up and down as needed.

Improved developer productivity: Camunda Cloud enables developers to continue to use their preferred cloud tools and focus on building and improving applications instead of the complexities of managing a distributed system at scale.

Camunda Cloud includes:

On-demand, fully managed, secure cloud platform: Camunda’s workflow automation experts manage the platform, ensuring a stable and secure environment and providing technical support along the way.

Horizontally-scalable, fault-tolerant workflow engine: This new solution is powered by Zeebe, the industry’s first horizontally scalable, cloud-native BPMN workflow engine, making it possible to orchestrate large-scale workflows that previously could not be handled by a workflow engine.

Robust tools for monitoring and problem solving: Camunda Cloud includes a visual dashboard for workflows that was designed specifically for the technical operators who are responsible for monitoring and managing running workflow instances.

Online, collaborative process design for Business and IT: Camunda’s new service allows business and IT teams to easily collaborate online to jointly design their business processes and workflow automation.

Camunda Cloud is currently available via an early access beta program. .

Live at CamundaCon 2019: Attendees of CamundaCon 2019 can watch a live demo and request beta access directly at Camunda’s “Ask me Anything” booth on site.
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