Camunda Releases First Application Combining Big Data and Workflow Automation to Provide Immediate Insight into Revenue-Generating Business Processes

Press Release

April 5, 2018

Optimize 2.0 Delivers Continuous Visibility into Business Process Performance Across an Organization, Guidance for Identifying and Fixing Weak Spots in Core Processes.

BERLIN and SAN FRANCISCO, April 5, 2018 – Camunda , a software company reinventing workflow automation, today announced the general availability of Camunda Optimize 2.0, the first application of its kind that combines big data and workflow automation to provide a holistic view of business process performance across an organization. The new product provides business stakeholders with instantaneous insight into revenue-generating business processes as they are automated in Camunda. With Optimize 2.0, business leaders can identify potential problems and fix weak spots in core processes before delivery of products and services to customers is disrupted. Optimize 2.0 is part of Camunda Enterprise and a free trial version is available for download today at

“At Talanx, as the volume of processes we automate in Camunda keeps growing, it has become clear that having an end-to-end view showing the overall connectivity of these processes and the complete lifecycle is the key to obtaining a deeper understanding of our business operations,” said Uwe Koch, IT enterprise architect at Talanx, a major European insurance group based in Hannover, Germany, and active in more than 150 countries. “The visualization Camunda offers with Optimize 2.0 is quite compelling. We see many advantages in the way Optimize combines dashboards with the BPMN representation of the process to provide very intuitive access to the business data.”

The workflow automation market is expected to reach nearly $17 billion by 2023, up from $4.7 billion in 2017 [1]. As companies across industries accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and bring more business functions online, IT systems are becoming increasingly distributed. With this shift, business processes are undergoing their own transformation and becoming more complex and interconnected, driving demand for modern workflow automation and visibility technology designed for the digital enterprise. Business leaders need actionable insight into how core processes are performing across these new distributed systems and what impact digital transformation projects are having on their ability to serve their customers.

Many traditional workflow systems can’t manage this dramatic increase of transactions processed online, in addition to the growth of distributed systems as companies adopt cloud, containers and microservices. Camunda is the only vendor addressing the “big workflow” impact all these developments have with solutions that provide cohesive, end-to-end intelligence into how well core business workflow processes are working.

“Optimize 2.0 combines the power of big data and workflow automation to enable customers to understand what’s going on with the most important aspects of their business: their revenue-generating processes,” said Jakob Freund, co-founder and CEO of Camunda. “With its powerful flow charts, reports and analytics, Optimize customers can see precisely what steps have been executed, the status of orders for customers and detailed information if and why they are stuck in the process. With this new product, Camunda is fulfilling its mission to complete the cycle of continuous process improvement.“

Key Highlights
Optimize 2.0 provides a report builder, dashboards, alerts and correlation analytics to give Camunda customers unprecedented visibility into how their business workflows and processes are performing. With the Camunda REST API, Optimize imports the historical data, storing it in an Elasticsearch big data repository that allows for powerful queries. After the initial import, Optimize will pull new data from Camunda in configurable intervals providing you with up-to-date information in soft real-time. The data import itself can be customized, which allows you to enrich the data in Optimize with information that you can pull from any source available to you.

● Data Visualization – Create and share beautiful reports, dashboards and heatmaps for business monitoring to understand how process steps are performing, where bottleneck exist and the root causes for low performance. Drill down into the number of process instances grouped by days or the average duration of process instances by hour. Reports and dashboards can be embedded in other applications like Atlassian Confluence to provide up-to-the-minute information to stakeholders, and report data can be exported to CSV files for access in tools like Microsoft Excel.

● Alerting – Configure alerts for immediate notification when performance goals are missed. If stakeholders need to be informed immediately once certain thresholds are reached, alerts can be set up to trigger based on specific variables that have been defined, including which recipients should be alerted, when and how (email or text) and at what frequency.

● Advanced Analytics – Leverage powerful analytics to understand how certain variants in processes impact business results, using branch analysis and data correlation features. Process variants are often expressed as explicit branches in the processes that are merged again at a later point. Optimize helps determine the impact of certain variants on the process outcome. For example, an e-commerce provider could determine if an additional approval step might lead to an increase in order cancellations.

To learn more about Optimize 2.0 and to view how it works, Camunda is hosting a webinar on April 11, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. PDT. Please register to attend, or to access it on demand, at :

Optimize 2.0 is part of Camunda Enterprise and a free trial version is available for download today at

Camunda for the Enterprise
The Camunda Enterprise Platform is based on the company’s popular open source workflow and decision automation platform and includes additional features, guarantees and services to enable accelerated development of workflow solutions and rock-solid production deployments.

The Enterprise Platform features an advanced version of Cockpit for operating production deployments of BPMN workflows and DMN decisions, and includes Optimize 2.0 for rich data visualization, flexible alerting and advanced analytics. Camunda Enterprise users also receive SLA-based support and maintenance, contractual warranties, ongoing maintenance, and training and consulting services.

About Camunda
Camunda is a software company reinventing workflow automation. Hundreds of companies including 24 Hour Fitness, AT&T, Lufthansa Technik and Zalando trust Camunda to automate core business processes to the highest possible extent, allowing their business to scale and revenue to grow without proportionally increasing operating costs.

With its open source-based workflow automation and decision platform, Camunda provides detailed visibility into business operations across distributed systems, boosts system resilience and enables enterprises to overcome “big workflow” challenges resulting from digital transformation. One of the fastest growing companies in EMEA as ranked by Deloitte, Camunda is based in Berlin with offices in San Francisco and Denver, USA. To learn more visit:

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Jill Reed, Sift Communications, [email protected]

[1] Market Research Nest, “2018-2023 Global and Regional Workflow Automation Industry Production, Sales and Consumption Status and Prospects Professional Market Research Report”