TDF partners with Camunda to improve business operations

Press Release

January 25, 2024

TDF to use Camunda Process Orchestration to optimize incident and project management processes

Paris, France – As a leading industrial player for more than 45 years, the TDF group operates and manages critical telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructures, secure networks, and connectivity services for its public and private customers throughout France. TDF is now partnering with Camunda to accelerate its digital transformation by orchestrating key business processes to enhance efficiency and, ultimately, provide a better customer experience.

TDF will implement Camunda’s process orchestration platform for its infrastructure incident ticketing system to streamline all operational processes end-to-end. Furthermore, Camunda will help with the automation of internal processes and the digital transformation of internal process management. Camunda will also replace existing legacy systems, which no longer provide the business flexibility needed.

“With Camunda, we will be able to improve our overall efficiency through better operation and control of our business processes. We will also be able to provide our teams with relevant information when, where, and how they need it,” said Stéphane Gillot, solution and architecture manager.

TDF selected Camunda for a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Agility: Business requirements change continuously and rapidly, and market dynamics require TDF to adjust, adapt, and modernize its infrastructure to stay competitive. With Camunda’s approach to process orchestration, TDF gets flexibility from  both  technical and business points of view.
  • Integration capabilities: Camunda’s out-of-the-box connectors and framework further allow for seamless integrations with all the endpoints in any end-to-end process – be it people, systems, or devices.
  • Collaborative design: By leveraging BPMN and DMN as common languages for business and IT, different teams and departments can effectively collaborate throughout the entire lifecycle of process automation initiatives.
  • Monitoring: Camunda provides continuous monitoring and insights about deployed business processes. It helps business process owners make informed decisions in order to optimize their operations.

“We are looking forward to initiating a long-term partnership with TDF, one of France’s most established companies in the telecommunication business, to accelerate their digital transformation,” said Stephane Faivre-Duboz, sales director EMEA South, Camunda. “The alliance between TDF and Camunda stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to the telecom industry and France. Moreover, we perceive it as a responsibility to go further in our mission to empower companies to automate more tasks, faster and more easily.”

About TDF 

Open and neutral communication infrastructure operator, TDF, supports all the digital providers in their strategic connectivity challenges in mainland France and French overseas territories. Whether for radio or DTT broadcasting, very high-speed mobile coverage or fiber deployment, TDF provides its customers with expertise, a unique and innovative technological mix as well as widespread local presence. In a world that is more connected every day, TDF has for more than four decades enabled telecoms and media companies, thanks to its 19,200 sites, to connect regions and people everywhere, faster.

About Camunda

Camunda enables organizations to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency. With Camunda, business users and developers collaborate using BPMN to model end-to-end processes and run sophisticated automation with the speed, scale, and resilience required to stay competitive. Hundreds of enterprises such as Atlassian, ING, and Vodafone design, orchestrate, and improve business-critical processes with Camunda to accelerate digital transformation. To learn more visit